Fortin Foundation Bass Connections Showcase

The Fortin Foundation Bass Connections Showcase is an annual event for members of our year-long project teams to share their research with the community. This Virtual Showcase, which was first launched in April 2019 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, is meant to complement our in-person showcase and highlight the hard work of our project teams through student-authored team profiles, digital presentations, research posters and additional project outputs.

We invite you to check out this digital exhibit to learn more about our research teams. Please use the filters to browse teams by academic year (beginning with 2019-2020), theme, focus area and type of output.

Two speech bubbles representing communication.
REGAIN: Advanced Illness Navigation
Road on Duke University campus.
Energy and the Environment: Design and Innovation
Image courtesy of Global Care Policy Index (GCPI).
Revaluing Care in the Global Economy
Solar power on Duke's campus.
Energy and the Environment: Design and Innovation
Highest vertical-axis wind turbine in the world.
Energy and the Environment: Design and Innovation
Recycled plastic shreds.
Energy and the Environment: Design and Innovation
Environment Hall green roof.
Energy and the Environment: Design and Innovation
Wind farm.
Creating Artificial Worlds with AI
Wild giant otter plays with plastic bottle in the Pantanal.
Empowering Youth Civic Action on Plastic Pollution
Gold mining along the Madre de Dios River in Peru.
Field Testing a Mercury Capture System
Waterfall in Ivindo National Park.
Impact of Declining Animal Populations on Tropical Forests
Interior of ultra-high pressure vessel with balloon attachment fitting.
Providing Clean Fuel for the Developing World
Promoting Psychological Adjustment Among Female Cancer Survivors
Video still from CovIdentify website.
Developing Predictive Models for COVID-19
Violin players.
Performing Embodied Communities
Open design.
Participatory Solutions for Human Flourishing
MTA’s Heroic Frontline Workers Begin COVID-19 Vaccinations.
Information, Perceptions and Health Behavior
Role of Physiotherapy in Ugandan Neurosurgical Transitional Care
Assistive hearing.
Strategies to Reduce the Global Burden of Hearing Loss
Tony Fuller and his healthcare colleagues at the opening of Western Uganda’s first epilepsy clinic.
Community Engagement for Epilepsy Health Literacy
Team members.
Strengthening Partnerships with Durham Public Schools
Children playing.
Social Network Dynamics among Preschoolers
The vote is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have.
Race and New Southern Politics
Early Childhood Action Plan.
North Carolina Early Childhood Action Plan
Justice Reform Efforts and Effects on Self-sufficiency
Sake wall.
Alcohol Use Behaviors across Countries and Cultures
Mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.
Treating Alzheimer's with Gene Therapy
Durham County Justice Center in Durham, NC.
Mental Health and the Justice System
Antarctica: Open Water at McMurdo Station.
Biogeographic Assessment of Antarctic Coastal Habitats