Best Practices for Going to Mars

Project Team

Establishing a human settlement on Mars has been extensively considered from a technical perspective. Our project goes beyond the purely technical elements of establishing a Martian settlement and looks at the social, environmental, legal, and ethical considerations. By evaluating the mission to Mars from diverse, interdisciplinary standpoints, we are able to uncover hidden risk tradeoffs, propose all-things-considered best practices and identify future research questions. 

Going to Mars: Science, Society and Sustainability

Poster by Savannah Artusi, Shuobo Boboila, Changhe Chen, Adam Doll, Joanna Feaster, Logan Taylor, Angel Heredia, Clare Holtzman, Lelia Jennings, Christpher Kilner, Natha Nouri, Siobhan Oca, Shihvam Patel, Donald Pepka, Ritika Sligram, Samuel Schrader, Chunxin Tang, Patrick Wilson, Jeremy yu, Chase Hamilton, Daniel Buckland, Tyler Felgenhauer, Spencer Kaplan, Jory Weintraub, Jonathan Wiener and Somia Youssef

Research poster.