Moral Artificial Intelligence

Project Team

This Bass Connections project attempts to build morality into artificial intelligence by incorporating new morally-relevant features based on the data gathered by the previous year’s project team. The project employs crowd-sourcing of online moral judgments about which features of an action are and should be seen as relevant to the moral status of the action.

The projects pilot study focuses on kidney exchanges, using experiments and online platforms to ask people what types of factors they believe kidney exchange algorithms should and should not take into account in determining who gets a kidney. Team members then construct scenarios where these factors vary in systematic ways and use machine learning to construct an algorithm that predicts human moral judgments, tests its extension to a novel set of scenarios and reveals how various moral factors interact.

Artificial Artificial Intelligence: Measuring Influence of AI “Assessments” on Moral Decision-making 

Poster by Lok Chan, Kenzie Doyle, Duncan C. McElfresh, Vincent Conitzer, John P. Dickerson, Jana Schaich Borg and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

Moral AI poster.