Nov 28
Barak Richman

This is the final public lecture in the Network Analysis and Social Policy series hosted by the Networks of Cooperation and Conflict in the Middle East Bass Connections team.

Dec 01

This interdisciplinary symposium will highlight recent advances in our understanding of the effects of exercise and physical activity on brain function and health.

Jan 18
Edward Balleisen

Capitalism depends on trust, and so always creates opportunities for economic deception. As a result of America’s embrace of innovation and openness to the slick sell, the avenues for duplicity have been especially broad in the modern United States.

Jan 24

All Duke undergraduate and graduate/professional students are invited to learn more about the Bass Connections project teams for 2018-19.

Apr 18

The second annual showcase event will feature talks, posters, awards and a reception. Come learn more about Bass Connections and find out what these research teams of faculty, grad students, undergrads and community partners have accomplished this year.