Apr 25

The Bass Connections project NC Medicaid Reform Advisory Team will lead this event.

Apr 27

To mark the end of the pilot year of PebblePad, please join the early adopters to learn about their use of portfolio materials. This will include examples of student reflections and portfolios, the implementation of portfolios for departmental assessment and examples of instructor assignments developed.

Apr 28
Keval Kaur Khalsa

This event is hosted by the Bass Connections project team Mindfulness in Human Development.

Apr 28
Jacob Bien

Light lunch provided.

May 02
Alon Kipnis

In this talk we consider the joint effect of sampling and lossy compression by studying the minimal distortion in recovering the analog signal from a lossy compressed version of its samples.

Oct 11
Cathy Davidson

In 1869, Harvard's president called for "a new education" to transform the Puritan college into the modern university designed to train and credential America's new professional-managerial class. This is the university we have inherited.