Jul 28

Learn about all of the Data+ 2017 project teams’ results at this poster session and reception.

Sep 14

Through keynotes, panels, interactive workshops and performances, the conference will engage with four central areas of concern: arts, humanities and healing; access and voice; health and its environments; and unsettling or resettling the human.

Oct 11
Cathy N. Davidson

In her latest book, educational innovator Cathy N. Davidson (Duke's former Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies) argues that the American university is stuck in the past-and shows how we can revolutionize it to prepare students for our age of constant change.

Nov 17
Katherine Hayles, Nathan Brown, Melody Jue, Alan Liu, Kate Marshall, Colin Milburn, Jessica Pressman, Rita Raley

This workshop in honor of Professor Katherine Hayles is part of the FHI Humanities Futures grant exploring future trajectories of humanities disciplines in the wake of the interdisciplinary developments of recent decades.

Apr 18

The second annual showcase event will feature talks, posters, awards and a reception. Come learn more about Bass Connections and find out what these research teams of faculty, grad students, undergrads and community partners have accomplished this year.