COVID-19 and the Roots of Health Disparity

Project Team

This project team was part of our COVID-19 pop-up theme, which tackled research related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This project team elucidated COVID-19 inequities in Durham County by exploring collaboration between clinical, policy and community partners and assessing long-term sustainability. The roots of health disparities are complex and include underlying structural racism and various socioeconomic factors. With clinical, culturally competent on-the-ground efforts, policy analysis and stakeholder input from within the community, the team laid a foundation for effecting slow but steady change in healthcare delivery for our marginalized communities.

Community-based Care Delivery and Primary Care to Mitigate COVID-19

Poster by Emine Arcasoy, Nikhil Chaudry, Alex Chukwuma, Michael Dieu, Michele Huang, Adaora Nwosu, Caroline Palmer, Zach Rene, Dru Ricci, Sebi Gutierrez, Keren Hendel, Njideka Ofoleta, Cokie Young, Andrew Flynn, Ry Garcia-Sampson, Gabriela Plasencia, Andrea Thoumi and Viviana Martinez-Bianchi

Research poster.