Computer Science for NC Students

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Children at CS event.

Computer Science (CS) is a doorway to opportunities of the future, but severe shortages of CS teachers and student-centered curricula can hold back North Carolina students, particularly those from groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields such as female-identifying students and students of color. To address this complex problem, CSbyUs is a collaborative vision that harnesses the power of local learning communities to transform K-12 CS education across North Carolina.

CSbyUs catalyzes a network of undergraduate mentors to tailor and teach CS curricula to the needs of middle school students across diverse North Carolina communities. The goal is for middle schoolers to increase their enthusiasm for and knowledge of CS and to sustain their interest in pursuing related fields.

CSbyUS Website

By Semhal Araya, Cameron Bozdog, Michael Castro, Patrick Duffy, Jarred Flowers, Faven Getahun, Amy Jiang, Ben Keegan, Eun Kim, Yasha Kulkarni, Eliza Paradise, Jay Patel, Megan Phibbons, Chazz Roper, Yeon Suh and Carter Zenke

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