Race & Society

Interdisciplinary Themes

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Nearly every facet of society and our lives — including how and where we live, learn, work and play — is shaped by race. While extensive research has revealed that race is a biological fiction, the social construct of race has very real consequences. Growing evidence shows that deep and broad racial inequities in our society are the results of historical and contemporary racism embedded in ideologies, norms, spaces, structures, and institutional policies and practices.

Bass Connections in Race & Society supports interdisciplinary teams of faculty, students and external partners in their exploration of race-related issues, ultimately contributing to solutions that bring about more racially equitable societies. We encourage projects that investigate how race intersects with various aspects of society and lived experience (e.g., environment, human development, immigration, health and healthcare, music, art, literature, history, education, economy, gender and sexuality, work, religion, STEM, policy, community life).

Race & Society Project Teams

Child reading book in Spanish.

This project team will support Latinx children’s pride in their languages and cultures; prevent the loss of Spanish among Latinx children; encourage the practice of reading and writing in Spanish; provide opportunities for students to practice their communication skills in Spanish with native... Read more about Celebrating Latinx Culture with a Spanish Reading Program (2022-2023) »

Field and silos.

This project team seeks to document the history of racial inequities in the American South through an environmental justice lens. Read more about Collecting Oral Histories of Environmental Racism and Injustice (2022-2023) »

Tree with roots.

This project team will conduct a systematic and comprehensive adaptation of the evidence-based family therapy intervention, Coping Together, for distressed Latinx immigrant/refugee families. Read more about Coping Together: Reducing Mental Health Disparities for Latinx Families (2022-2023) »

Duke Kunshan University.

This project team will develop a decoded neurofeedback protocol and work to consolidate a comprehensive literature review on racial bias and neurofeedback.  Read more about Decoded Neurofeedback Toward Bias and Racism Mitigation (2022-2023) »

Swine facility.

This project team will focus on two primary goals: confronting systemic exploitation in decarbonization policy and creating an equitable, community-led alternative. Read more about Environmental Justice, Climate Change and Community Engagement (2022-2023) »


This project team will investigate the role of driver’s license revocation to understand how it affects employment, housing and well-being and exacerbates racial inequalities. Read more about Examining Racial Inequality and Reform Through Driver's License Access (2022-2023) »

Public Education Mural

This project team will study how universities can better prepare their students for engagement with public schools, paying particular attention to equity, diversity and anti-racist education. Read more about Strengthening Partnerships Between Durham Public Schools and Local Universities (2022-2023) »

Students participating in a hackathon.

The goal of this project is to explore how undergraduate CS students understand, conceptualize, perceive and experience race in university departments nationwide. Read more about Understanding Perceptions of Race Among Computer Science Undergraduates (2022-2023) »

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