Mapping the Impacts of Conservation Interventions

Project Team

Tropical coastal marine ecosystems (TCMEs) are rich in biodiversity and provide many ecosystem services. Coastal areas are home to increasing numbers of people and population growth is expected to continue, putting TCMEs under pressure from development and broader environmental changes associated with climate change. Attention to TCMEs by conservation organizations has increased and although a variety of interventions to promote conservation and sustainable development of TCMEs have been implemented, evidence regarding the outcomes of these – for people or ecosystems – is scattered and unclear. This study takes a systematic mapping approach to identify articles that examine the ecological and social outcomes associated with conservation interventions in TCMEs; specifically in coral reef, mangrove and seagrass habitats.

Ocean Evidence Gap Map and Synthesis

Poster by Mary Edmondson, Dana Grieco, Anna He, Angela Hessenius, Max Hofstetter, Rebecca Horan, Grace Llewellyn, Rafaella Lobo, Joanna Parkman