Many Duke alumni continue working on issues they began tackling through Bass Connections. In some cases, Bass Connections projects have affirmed or inspired future plans. The following are just a few examples of former students who are pursuing further studies or working in a field related to their Bass Connections projects.

The information below each name includes major/program, school (Trinity is indicated by T and Pratt by P), graduation year, Bass Connections project and current position.

Jennifer Acosta

Global Cultural Studies and Psychology T'17
Schooling and Parenting: Implications for Students' Academic Identity (2016-2017)
Project Manager, Baby Books 2 Intervention Study, Family Involvement Lab, University of Maryland

Jessica Allen

Mechanical Engineering P'15
Energy and the Environment: Design and Innovation (2014-2015)
Project Engineer, Duke Energy Corporation

John Allums, M.A.T.

Education T'15
Creating Online Education for K-12 Teachers of the Probability and Statistics Common Core (2014-2015)
Mathematics Specialist, Wake Technical Community College

Katherine Baxter

History T'17
Reviewing Retrospective Regulatory Review (2015-2016)
Analyst, BNP Paribas Consulting Americas Strategy

Jessica Bolton, Ph.D.

Psychology & Neuroscience T'15
Maternal Nutrition and the Developing Brain (2014-2015)
Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Pediatrics, University of California-Irvine

Samuel Bursten

Travis Byrum

Statistical Science T'13
Public Access to Government Information (2013-2014)
Software Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton

April Christensen, M.E.M.

Environmental Management '16
The Effects of Unconventional Shale Gas Development on Rural Communities (2015-2016)
Business Development Associate, Invenergy

Kristen Collar, Ph.D.

Physics '17
Energy Efficiency in Industry: High-tech Glass Manufacturing at Corning Inc. (2016-2017)
Senior National Security Analyst, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Clara Colombatto

Neuroscience and Philosophy T'15
Trauma and Timing (2013-2014)
PhD Student in Psychology and Philosophy, Yale University

Danielle Colson

Mechanical Engineering P'15
Energy and the Environment: Design and Innovation (2014-2015)
Maintenance Coach, Nextera Energy Resources

Ali Daraeepour, Ph.D.

Environment '18
Modeling Tools for Energy Systems Analysis (MOTESA) (2014-2015)
Modeling Tools for Energy Systems Analysis (MOTESA) (2013-2014)
Postdoctoral Scholar, Andlinger Center for Energy and Environment, Princeton University

Allison Donnelly

Environmental Sciences T'14
U.S. Climate Policy Options: Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Petroleum Refineries and Steel (2013-2014)
Project Consultant, Energy and Resource Solutions

Chelsea Ducille

Women's Studies T'15
Chlorhexidine for Umbilical Cord Care (2014-2015)
Senior Research Program Coordinator, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Leena El-Sadek

Cultural Anthropology and Global Health T'15
Displacement, Resettlement and Global Mental Health (2013-2014)
J.D. Candidate at the University of Chicago Law School

Noura Elsayed

Psychology T'16
Responding to the Educational and Psychological Needs of Children and Families in Durham's Transitional Housing (2015-2016)
Research Technician II, Translational Center for Stress Related Disorders, Duke University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Yumeng Fang

Neuroscience T'13
Education and the Changing Brain (2013-2014)
Doctoral Student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

James Ferguson

Environmental Sciences T'15
Distributed Solar Generation for Duke University Employees (2014-2015)
Senior Environmental Analyst, Cypress Creek Renewables

Isa Ferrall

Mechanical Engineering P'15
Energy and the Environment: Design and Innovation (2014-2015)
MS/PhD Student in the Energy and Resources Group of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab, University of California-Berkeley

Nitish Garg, M.E.G.

Environmental Management '17
Energy and the Environment: Design and Innovation (2016-2017)
Associate Product Manager, Energy Storage Division, Borrego Solar Systems

John Gitau

Civil & Environmental Engineering P'15
Energy and the Environment: Design and Innovation (2014-2015)
Value Engineer, GE Renewable Energy

Emily Hadley

Public Policy and Statistical Science T'15
Education, Poverty and Economic Inequality in Rural Appalachia (2013-2014)
Data Scientist, RTI International