Data+ programData+ is a ten-week summer research experience for undergraduates and master’s students interested in exploring new data-driven approaches to interdisciplinary challenges. It is suitable for students at all levels and from all majors.

Students join small teams (a maximum of three undergraduates and one master’s student) and work alongside other teams in a communal environment. They learn how to marshal, analyze and visualize data, while gaining broad exposure to the field of data science.

The program runs from late May through late July each year, with the application deadline in February. Participants receive a stipend. Students come from a variety of backgrounds, majors and levels of experience with coding. Through collaboration, they use data analysis to solve problems across disciplines.

Within Data+, students can apply to the new Climate+ program, which aims to advance interdisciplinary understanding of climate change’s causes and societal impacts and to identify sustainable solutions.

Data+ is offered through the Rhodes Information Initiative at Duke and is part of the Bass Connections Information, Society & Culture theme.

In 2023, the program will run from May 29 through August 4. Participants will receive a $5,000 stipend, out of which they must arrange their own housing and travel. Students are invited to drop by the Plus Programs Info Fair on January 19 from 11:00 to 1:00 p.m. in Gross Hall to learn more.

Data+ 2023 Projects

*Related to a 2023-2024 Bass Connections project

Climate+ project

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