Bass Connections is a university-wide initiative that links faculty and students to respond to complex challenges through problem-focused educational pathways and project teams.


The Information Initiative at Duke invites you to a weekly Data Dialogue to discuss important big-data questions. Read more >

Professor Bell is co-leading a Bass Connections project team that explores graceful movements in terms of body mechanics, social cognition and the cultural and aesthetic meanings of grace. “It's really fascinating to work with people who are not in your research area,” he says. Read more >

Axel Berky, formerly a member of a Bass Connections team that focused on epidemiology in the Peruvian Amazon, reflects on encountering health crises in a recent visit to indigenous Peruvian communities. Read more >


Bass Connections brings together students and faculty to explore real-world issues. Participants generate creative solutions to complex problems through team-based interdisciplinary research, taking knowledge beyond the classroom.

  • “It’s not a traditional student experience. It’s not like somebody has all the answers.”
  • “It just opens my mind up to the possibilities of what I can do in the future.”
  • “What the students on my team gain and what I gain is extraordinary.”

Join a team. Research and collaborate. Make an impact. Hear more about Bass Connections from Duke students and faculty in our new video.