Bass Connections is a university-wide initiative that links faculty and students to respond to complex challenges through problem-focused educational pathways and project teams.


In East Africa, Joe Egger and his Bass Connections project team witnessed a region full of dedicated and entrepreneurial people involved in innovative activities to strengthen the healthcare system. Read more >

Penda Health runs outpatient medical centers that aim to be affordable to everyone in Kenya, and plans to open hundreds more centers in East Africa. A Bass Connections project team studied Penda’s business model and visited to learn more in person. Read more >

“Bass Connections was a really good way to participate in a larger research project that gave me more data to work with," says Dominic Lucero. “I wrote my thesis on what we found, and I’m adapting it for an article in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene." Read more >


"It's a collaborative learning experience."
"You're working with professors. You become a working colleague."
"You discover unexpected collaborations… undergraduates, graduates, postdocs, other faculty."
"It motivated me to do something I hadn't attempted before."

Hear more about Bass Connections from Duke students and faculty in our introductory video.