Bass Connections brings together Duke faculty and students to explore real-world issues in interdisciplinary research teams.


We invite the Bass Connections community to recognize graduate students and postdocs who have made tremendous contributions to the success of a team as well as to individual students on the team.

Published by Duke’s student-run Global Energy Access Network (GLEAN), the volume strives to illuminate energy access challenges and potential solutions within specific community contexts.

For Nicholas School students as well as other Duke students interested in the environment, we’ve compiled a list of 2018-19 projects that are particularly relevant. This year there are more such projects than ever, and our Energy theme is now called Energy & Environment.


Feb 24

This conference is organized by the Bass Connections project team Mindfulness in Human Development.

Mar 06
Angela Zoss and Eric Monson

This workshop will cover basic considerations for designing effective academic posters, including use of color, layout, fonts/typography, and software choices. Hands-on activities throughout the workshop will also help participants gain comfort with how to apply general principles to the design of a real poster. 

Apr 04
Angela Zoss and Eric Monson

The end of the spring semester offers many opportunities to present research at poster sessions. From Visible Thinking to Bass Connections to departmental showcases, April is high poster time at Duke!