Bass Connections brings together Duke faculty and students to explore real-world issues in interdisciplinary research teams.


Jun Wang

Jun Wang received her Ph.D. from the School of Medicine this month. “My participation in this Bass Connections project is one of the most meaningful and rewarding Duke experiences I have had,” she writes. “It not only helped me land my first job, but also helped me find my true passion.”

Steve Hicks

At the 2nd National Energy Education Summit on June 7, Steve Hicks will present a session on project-based learning as a catalyst for energy education. Hicks is associate director for education at the Duke University Energy Initiative and theme administrator for Bass Connections in Energy.

Bonnie Kaiser

“It’s so easy to interact with people in different fields here, and bringing multiple perspectives to a project is really exciting to me,” Kaiser says. She’s especially looking forward to the interdisciplinary Bass Connections project to establish a new global mental health integrative training program.


Jun 13

The MPI workshop is a problem-solving meeting that attracts applied mathematicians, engineers and scientists from universities, industry and national laboratories.

Jun 15

Calling all senior citizens! Up for a little friendly competition? Come to Senior Adult Game Day to test your brain trivia and to play some old favorites with fellow game-lovers. Hosted by the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences. Prizes available; free and open to the public.

Jun 21

The 2016 School of information will be hosted at Duke University, June 21-23. It is sponsored by the IEEE Information Theory Society, Duke University and the Center for Science of Information.