Bass Connections brings together Duke faculty and students to explore real-world issues in interdisciplinary research teams.


Jennifer Lamy and her fellow Bass Connections team members spent a day touring local farms to explore differing production styles and animals.

George Elliott, a member of the Animal Waste Management and Global Health project team, shares what he took away from the inaugural Carolina Food Summit.

With her Bass Connections Follow-on Student Research grant, doctoral student Yuting Song recruited 21 Chinese nursing home residents at different functional levels and explored their care needs related to physical function.


Oct 26
Danny Hamrick, Mike Hensen

Please join us for a brown bag lunch. Successful health interventions and programs often depend on a clear understanding of the social, economic and political factors at the local and global level. It is also important that researchers correctly identify relevant stakeholders.

Oct 26
Florent Krzakala, Institut Universitaire de France

A large amount of interesting problems in machine learning and statistics can be expressed as a low-rank structured matrix factorization problem, such as sparse PCA, planted clique, sub-matrix localization, clustering of mixtures of Gaussians or community detection in a graph.

Oct 27
Larry Blakeman, Sukyana Chaudhuri and Gaurav Gupta

A team from QuaEra Insights will lead what promises to be a very engaging discussion. Light lunch provided.