Bass Connections brings together Duke faculty and students to explore real-world issues in interdisciplinary research teams.


Where exactly is this public health crisis occurring? What can we do to reduce opioid use in specific communities and in specific places? Nicole Schramm-Sapyta and Erica Onuoha shared research findings from their Bass Connections project team on “The Measure of Everyday Life,” a weekly public radio show and podcast.

Doctoral student Travis Knoll reflects on how his Bass Connections participation has honed his scholarship, commitment to service and cultural competency.

Maurizio Forte leads a Bass Connections team with diverse skills and backgrounds. Their use of new technologies and approaches to archaeological exploration has resulted in several discoveries about the ancient Etruscan city of Vulci, Italy.


Jun 27

Join us for the FHI Story+ Summer 2018 Research Symposium!

Aug 03

Interdisciplinary data projects will be featured, and students will be on hand to describe their work on their projects.

Nov 05

Save the dates for the third annual Energy Week at Duke, a student-organized event series exploring what's next in energy. Events will include the Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition Finals (Nov. 6) and the Duke University Energy Conference (Nov. 7).