Bass Connections Award for Outstanding Mentorship

The Bass Connections Award for Outstanding Mentorship recognizes the efforts and accomplishments of graduate student and postdoctoral team members who serve as dedicated and extraordinary mentors.

Bass Connections project teams are a multifaceted experience, including faculty and student participants from all levels. Program evaluations continue to highlight the key role that graduate students and postdocs play on the project teams, often serving both as project managers and as mentors to the undergraduate students while also contributing to the original research.

This award encourages the Bass Connections community to identify and recognize graduate students and postdocs who excel in the following areas:

Award Criteria

  • Promotes the success of project team members’ research and learning by monitoring progress and offering honest, constructive feedback when needed or sought
  • Commits to advancing students’ long-term professional development—throughout their journey as a student—by recognizing and making potential colleagues aware of their natural talents and acquired skills and by integrating students into the broader culture of the discipline
  • Develops the internal community and working relationships of their project team
  • Encourages interdisciplinary learning by helping other students create cross-discipline connections and develop their networks
  • Creates a supportive environment for research and scholarship by fostering mutual respect and demonstrating sincere and active interest in the well-being of the student
  • Maintains accessibility by providing consistently open lines of communication
  • Connects students with the resources necessary to take full advantage of academic and professional opportunities and enables students by helping them to develop their own local and national networks
  • Is a role model for others with a record of scholarship marked by excellence in research and teaching skills, research presentation and publication and the exercise and nurturing of good mentoring practices
  • Exercises discernment in directing students to appropriate resources and shows a willingness to work collaboratively

Past Recipients