Project Management

Most Bass Connections project teams appoint at least one person to serve as a project manager. This role is critical to the effective functioning of project teams and offers those serving in the role a great opportunity to gain experience managing complex projects.

This academic year, more than ever, each project manager’s efforts to coordinate his/her team’s goals, workflow, communication and resources will be crucial to the team’s success. We strongly encourage all project managers to spend some time reviewing the Bass Connections Tools for Team Success.

As teams kick-off their activities and hone their workflows this fall, these resources may be particularly useful:

Project Management Short Course

In Summer 2020, we ran a Graduate Summer Academy short course on interdisciplinary project management. This course ran for five sessions and covered the fundamentals of project management from defining a team’s scope and creating a project plan to managing resources, roles and workflow. Project managers can access the video modules for this course to learn more about topics such as:

  • Project planning
  • Effective teamwork and communication
  • Organizing their team’s “stuff”
  • Troubleshooting common team challenges
  • Sharing their team’s research and communicating impact

If you would like to access the syllabus or other materials from this course, please email Meghan O'Neil.

Project Management Workshops and Materials

In 2019-2020, we partnered with Duke Libraries to offer workshops and resources to Bass Connections project managers. Materials from prior sessions are categorized and posted below.

Project Managment Fundamentals



Additional Online Resources

Project managers may also be interested in the following online resources offered by LinkedIn Learning. Duke students, faculty and staff can access LinkedIn Learning for free through Duke’s university-wide license. To log in with your NetID, go to: