Social-Emotional Health in Early Childhood

Project Team

Team members holding awards.
Sophie Hurewitz, Rushina Cholera, Ainsley Buck, Eliana Perrin, Aaron Pankiewicz and Stephanie MacPherson at the American Pediatric Association Region 4 Annual Meeting in Charlottesville, VA, February 2020

The North Carolina Early Childhood Action Plan was created to help ensure all young children in the state are healthy, safe and nurtured as well as learning and ready to succeed by 2025.

One of the ten overarching goals is to have a reliable, statewide measure of young children’s social-emotional health (SEH) and resilience at the population level. SEH includes emotional regulation, temperament, the ability to follow directions and the ability to express wishes. Because SEH predicts long-term health and economic outcomes, understanding and supporting SEH in young children is critical. Our objective was to create a national landscape of SEH screening and determine best practices to measure young children’s SEH at the population level.

Measuring and Addressing Social-Emotional Well-Being in Early Childhood

Poster by Nathaniel Neptune, Rasheca Logendran, Ellie Winslow, Emma Garman, Ainsley Buck, Sophie Hurewitz, Reed Kenny, Rushina Cholera, Michelle Franklin, Beth Gifford, KK Lam and Gillian Schmidler

Runner up, Bass Connections 2020 poster competition; Winner, EHDx 2020 poster competition