Accessible Mental Health Support for College Students

Project Team

DukeLine, an anonymous textline connecting students to trained peer coaches, offers accessible mental health support and collects data from coaches and users to inform program sustainability. The 2020-21 iteration of the DukeLine Bass Connections team organized the DukeLine pilot launch in three campus communities, collected pre and post-text data from users and coaches, and developed infrastructure for expanding the DukeLine service. Pilot data indicate DukeLine users are extremely satisfied with the service and likely to reach out to a peer coach for support in the future. Peer coaches are also reporting minimal emotional exhaustion and appear to be experiencing an increased sense of meaning and purpose as service utilization increases.  

DukeLine: A Peer to Peer Support Program

Poster by Jacqueline Cruz, Amber Fu, Jalisa Jackson, Camden Nelson, Leslie Leal Palacios, Urmi Pandya, Elizabeth Roy, Brooke Scheinberg, Savannah Erwin, Talita Ahmed, David Goldston, Guillermo Sapiro, Timothy Strauman, Sue Wasiolek, Sarah Gaither and Nancy Zucker

Research poster.