Improving Pediatric Care through Human-centered Design

Project Team

Team photo.
Top row: Danielle Kapustin, Ashley Isley, Natalie Chou, Alice Chun; Second row: David Ming, Vin Somasundaram, Tsailu Liu, Richard Chung; Third row: Claudia Leung, Viviana Geron, Meichun Liu, Willis Wong ; Bottom row: John Derek Parons

Children with medical complexity (CMC) represent the pediatric population with the highest needs, but care coordination is poor, which leads to fragmented care, caregiver stress, high hospitalization rates and healthcare costs. Our team utilized a novel virtualized human-centered design (HCD) process to elucidate the paint points of care coordination with input from various healthcare stakeholders at all levels of care at the Duke Roxboro Children’s Clinic. Drawing from stakeholder concerns, we created three prototype interventions designed to enhance the care experience by improving patient care coordination, accessible family oriented resources, and family-provider communication, with plans to gather feedback from stakeholders and implement these in a clinical setting and assess for effectiveness in the near future.

Design Thinking: Using Virtualized Human-centered Design to Engage Stakeholders and Innovate Pediatric Complex Care Coordination

Poster by Claudia Leung, Willis Wong, Danielle Kapustin, Vin Somasundaram, Alice Chun, Natalie Chou, Ashley Isley, Meichun Liu, John Derek Parsons, Viviana Geron, Tsailu Liu, Richard Chung and David Ming

Research poster.