Converting Civic Attitudes into Civic Action

Project Team

I Voted sticker.

How do early, formative experiences shape young voters’ political attitudes? Understanding the formation of political attitudes is critical, as young citizens will ultimately play a pivotal role in determining policy outcomes as they transition into adulthood.

Turnout among young voters is still historically low, and without a better understanding of the factors that shape their political attitudes and behavior, it will be difficult to create informed policies that effectively boost turnout among this critical voting bloc. Moreover, research on the development of political attitudes is entirely dependent upon the accuracy of the methods used to study these phenomena. Learning more about measurement error is critical to improving our understanding of how the development of political attitudes impacts voting behavior.

Making Young Voters: Converting Civic Attitudes into Civic Action

Poster by Donovan Bendana, Lindsay Campbell, Edgar Cook, Austin Connor, Carter Forinash, Chloe Golfinos, Chelsea Hamlet, Amanda Kang, Caroline Kincaid, Sakiko Nishida, Stefanie Pousoulides and Tina Tucker