Summer Programs

For students interested in conducting research over the summer, consider our affiliated summer programs listed below. In addition, some of the year-long Bass Connections project teams have a summer component.

Students might also be interested in three new opportunities launching in Summer 2024: Arts+, I&E+ and History+.


Data+ programData+ is a ten-week summer research experience for undergraduates interested in exploring new data-driven approaches to interdisciplinary challenges. They learn how to marshal, analyze and visualize data, while gaining broad exposure to the field of data science.

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Story+ program Story+ is a six-week summer research experience for undergraduates and graduate mentors interested in bringing academic research to life through dynamic storytelling. Final projects may take the form of writing, websites, exhibits, short films or other genres, depending on the project’s goals.

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Global Health Student Research Training

Student Research Training programThe Student Research Training Program is an intensive experiential learning program that engages second- and third-year undergraduates in the development, implementation and assessment of a community-based global health project.

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Summer Neuroscience Program

Neuroscience programThis eight-week summer program enables undergraduates to jumpstart their Graduation with Distinction senior theses by working one-on-one with faculty mentors. The full program is open to rising juniors and seniors who are declared Neuroscience majors.

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