Community Resilience Through Ecological Restoration

Project Team

As coastal hazards increase in intensity and frequency, the need for coastal resilience — the ability to withstand or adjust to stressors — is increasing faster than ever. Fostering coastal resilience must incorporate strategies to support ecological, social and personal resilience.  Community-based restoration is an ideal context for embedding environmental literacy in efforts that will improve ecological resilience, bring communities together and provide individual agency to strengthen personal resilience.

This project team explored the links among the concepts of ecological, social, and personal resilience as they might relate to ecological restoration. Throughout the year, they conducted a deep dive into resilience literature to understand and identify historical knowledge gaps. Team members then developed a road map for how ecological restoration can be used to build personal and community resilience as well as a toolkit for restoration practitioners and community members.

Exploring Links Among Ecological, Social and Personal Resilience

Poster by Abigail Bromberger, Olivia Hayward, India Mackinson, Sydney Mantell, Rory McCollum, Anne Roderer, Finnie Zhao, Liz DeMattia and Carter Smith

Team poster.