Global Health

Interdisciplinary Themes

Bass Connections projects, courses and summer programs are aligned with the following themes:

Led by the Duke Global Health Institute

The health of individuals and populations depends greatly on where and how people live in the world. Access to quality health care, information about disease prevention and the environmental impact on health vary widely around the world. Global stability depends on the reduction of these and other health disparities.

Bass Connections in Global Health supports students and faculty working to address health disparities worldwide – including in the U.S. – through an integrated suite of education programs and activities on campus and in the field. Recognizing that a sustained comprehension of global health can come only through immersive experiences and collaboration with community partners, Bass Connections in Global Health offers opportunities for students – undergraduate through doctoral – to participate in coursework, experiential learning and field projects to find solutions to local and international health disparities.

The Student Research Training summer program engages second- and third-year undergraduates in the development, implementation and assessment of a community-based global health project.

Global Health Project Teams

Sake wall.

This project team will develop and implement the Alcohol Use Behavioral Phenotyping Test (AUBPT) – a tool designed to understand differences among drinking behaviors – and assess its transcultural validity and feasibility in Tanzania.   Read more about Alcohol Use Behaviors across Countries and Cultures (2021-2022) »

Reproductive Health in Burkina Faso.

Building on the work of previous teams, this project team will apply data science to reproductive health issues through a variety of research projects in partnership with IntraHealth International’s digital health team and the Center for Global Reproductive Health’s Kenya-based research team.  Read more about Big Data for Reproductive Health (2021-2022) »

Airman 1st Class Trinity Packer joins members of the North Carolina National Guard receiving COVID-19 inoculations.

This project team aims to make equitable vaccine uptake in Durham County a reality by increasing health equity and equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccination resources, including vaccine information and distribution, and improving the responsiveness of the local health system at the community... Read more about Bridging the Health Equity Gap for COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Durham (2021-2022) »

Tony Fuller and his healthcare colleagues at the opening of Western Uganda’s first epilepsy clinic.

Building on the work of previous teams, this project team aims to develop a community engagement project to increase epilepsy health literacy in Uganda and improve community awareness of epilepsy as a treatable medical illness to help facilitate people with epilepsy reaching biomedical care. Read more about Community Engagement to Impact Epilepsy Health Literacy in Uganda (2021-2022) »

Red Cross furrow irrigation project in Lukole, Kenya.

This project team will investigate malaria outbreaks and explore methods in harvesting, using and storing water in newly coalescing settlements in northern Kenya. Read more about Engineering a Low-cost Device to Monitor Irrigation in Rural Kenya (2021-2022) »

Assistive Listening.

Building on the work of the 2020-2021 team, this project will synthesize available evidence to inform cost-effectiveness modeling to evaluate strategies to reduce hearing loss. Read more about Evaluating Strategies to Reduce the Global Burden of Hearing Loss (2021-2022) »

Gold mining along the Madre de Dios River in Peru.

This project team will design a trial to test the multidimensional efficacy of the Mercury Capture System and its societal adoptability in one of the partner field sites (Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana). Read more about Field Testing a Mercury Capture System for Artisanal Gold Mining (2021-2022) »

Universal Health Coverage Day 2020.

This project team will create a centralized resource to track the evolution of universal health care financing policy for low- and middle-income countries. Read more about Policy Surveillance of Financing for Universal Health Coverage (2021-2022) »

Mulago National Referral Hospital Physiotherapy Department.

This project team will examine the role of physiotherapy in care transitions for Ugandan neurosurgical patients in order to improve patient outcomes and contribute to national rehabilitation sector strengthening. Read more about Role of Physiotherapy in Ugandan Neurosurgical Transitional Care (2021-2022) »

Team members with Dr. Ibingira and Dr. Ssekitoleko at Makerere, courtesy of 2018-2019 project team.

Building on the work of previous teams, this project team aims to increase access to laparoscopic surgery by developing and implementing a low-cost and reusable laparoscope suitable for use in low- and middle-income countries. Read more about Sustainable Implementation of Laparoscopy in Low-income Countries (2021-2022) »

Fight Against COVID-19.

This project aims to document the global incidence of violence against the healthcare workforce and its relation to trust in the health sector. Read more about Trust and Violence in Healthcare (2021-2022) »

Global Health Courses

Gateway Courses

GLHLTH 101D: Fundamentals of Global Health

Fall 2021
Instructor: Sumedha Ariely

This course provides an introduction to global health issues and challenges. The focus is on global disease burden, health determinants and disparities, health policy and actors and the challenges of global health interventions. Read more about Fundamentals of Global Health »

Other Undergraduate Courses

BME 230L: Women's Health and Technologies

Spring 2021
Instructor: Nimmi Ramanujam

This course will give students an opportunity to learn about global poverty and how it disproportionately affects women. Read more about Women's Health and Technologies »

FRENCH 325S: Global Displacement: Voix Francophones

Fall 2021
Instructor: Deborah Reisinger

This course explores the global migration and resettlement of Francophone refugees. Through historical, political and literary perspectives, students will examine the current state of refugees and asylum seekers in Western host societies, with a particular focus on Central African refugees in North... Read more about Global Displacement: Voix Francophones »

GLHLTH 215-01: Case Studies in Global Sexual and Reproductive Health

Fall 2021
Instructor: Megan Huchko

Through the examination of weekly case studies, students will explore the complexity of working in the field of global sexual and reproductive health and the ways in which various health and social science disciplines can be integrated in the development of effective health programs. Session topics... Read more about Case Studies in Global Sexual and Reproductive Health »

GLHLTH 273S-01: Entrepreneurial Problem Solving in Global Health

Fall 2021
Instructor: Dennis Clements

Global health, both international and local, has a long way to go to support healthy lives. In this class, students will have the opportunity to gain understanding of how the Entrepreneurial method can help to improve health. Students will learn about the victories and the challenges, and in the... Read more about Entrepreneurial Problem Solving in Global Health »

GLHLTH 306: Global Health Policy: Transforming Evidence into Action

Spring 2021
Instructor: Jonathan Dickinson Quick, Osondu Ogbuoji

This course will provide an in-depth examination of how to close the gap between evidence and practical policymaking as a way to improve global health. Read more about Global Health Policy: Transforming Evidence into Action »

GLHLTH 341: Ethics of Infectious Disease Control

Fall 2021
Instructor: Kearsley Stewart

This course will examine of the role of ethical decision-making when controlling infectious disease epidemics. Read more about Ethics of Infectious Disease Control »

GLHLTH 373: Global Health Ethics in Research

Spring 2021
Instructor: Sumedha Ariely

This course introduces ethical and human rights concepts in Global Health and current issues in health ethics. Students will explore how to understand and engage in ethical health service, intervention, research and education. The course will require students to analyze and critique ethical choices... Read more about Global Health Ethics in Research »

Undergraduate/Graduate Courses

EVANTH 590S-01: Evolutionary Medicine and Zoonotic Disease: Understanding Pandemics

Fall 2021
Instructor: Charlie Nunn

Infectious diseases commonly enter the human population from wild or domesticated animals (zoonoses). Some of these outbreaks exhaust quickly, while others blossom into global pandemics, as seen with the SARS coronavirus pandemic. This course will investigate the causes of pandemics from a science-... Read more about Evolutionary Medicine and Zoonotic Disease: Understanding Pandemics »

Graduate Courses

GLHLTH 755: Global Health Policy: Transforming Evidence into Action

Spring 2021
Instructor: Gavin Yamey

This course will provide an in-depth inquiry on how to narrow the gap between global health evidence and practical action and policy making on the ground, with examination of the complex ways in which global health policies are formed, shaped and implemented. Read more about Global Health Policy: Transforming Evidence into Action »