How to Implement Design Thinking at Duke

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When we hear the word “design,” we often think about a product: the features of a technology, the look of a space, the integrity of a structure. But design also refers to a process that can be used by teams to solve deeply complex, real-world problems. This project offered students the opportunity to help ideate and build design experiences at Duke. Students gained content knowledge about design thinking and human-centered design, planned a one-day design learning summit, built educational resources for use at Duke and beyond and helped design Duke’s new Open Design+ program. 

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Poster by Maria Abinader, Priya Parkash, Karissa Tu, Tinpei Tung, Daisy Wang, Lydia Wang, Jodi Yeh, Jeel Ghughu, Matthew Lanza, Tarunam Mahajan and Page O'Leary

Open Design poster.

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