Analyzing EEG Data

Project Team

Consumer EEG.
Left image: The team at an escape room in Fall 2019 (Top row: Caroline Anderson, Karan Desai, Shikhar Gupta, Daniel Sprague, William Krenzer; Bottom row: Claire Simmons, Gaby McDonald, Allie Kunstler, Shenyang Huang); Right image: A student tries on a neurofeedback device.

Consumer-based EEG devices, which are marketed and sold to consumers for tracking and improving their brain activity through neurofeedback, prompt unique privacy and data-sharing concerns because of their unprecedented ability to gather and decode real-time brain activity in everyday contexts such as education, employment, gaming and fitness. This Bass Connections project team built on the research conducted by the 2018-2019 team to tackle questions relating to privacy and analytic validity of consumer-based EEG devices.

Methodology for EEG Data Analysis Using FieldTrip ToolBox

Poster by Daniel Sprague, Tolulemi Gbile, Shenyang Huang, Caroline Anderson, Karan Desai, William L. D. Krenzer and Nita Farahany

Consumer EEG poster 1.

Efficacy of Consumer-based EEG Devices for Conducting Future Research

Poster by Allison Kunstler, Gabriela McDonald, Shikhar Gupta, Umika Paul, William L. D. Krenzer, Nita Farahany

Consumer EEG poster 2.