Student Advisory Council

BCSAC 2018-19

The Bass Connections Student Advisory Council serves as a sounding board for student ideas, questions and suggestions relating to Bass Connections and interdisciplinary education at Duke.

The council recruits new members every fall semester. Learn more about the members of the 2018-19 council.

Duke students of all levels and programs, including undergraduates and graduate/professional students, are eligible for this leadership opportunity. All members must be current or former members of year-long Bass Connections project teams, participants in affiliated courses and/or participants in Bass Connections summer programs. Prospective members must demonstrate a deep interest in interdisciplinary inquiry, team-based learning and developing collaborative solutions to real world problems with teams of diverse backgrounds.

Through this leadership opportunity, council members build relationships with their peers and Bass Connections leaders to contribute to the development of this innovative program. Council members serve as a vital source of new ideas and feedback and often work together in focus groups on particular questions or issues. Past councils have been integral to the program’s evolution and have worked on a range of topics such as educational programming, student and faculty outreach, marketing and special event planning and management.

Members of the council also serve as ambassadors for Bass Connections by participating in special events and representing the program in a variety of contexts, such as at student orientations, the Bass Connections Fair, Blue Devil Days and the year-end Bass Connections Showcase. Council members also have the opportunity to serve as judges for poster awards at the Showcase.

Each council member is expected to write a reflection intended for publication on the Bass Connections website by the end of his/her year-long term.

All questions may be directed to Meghan O’Neil, Assistant Director of Bass Connections, at