Paths Forward for University-Community Research

Project Team

This project explored collaborative research partnerships between institutions of higher education and community organizations. The team focused on how these partnerships can be equitable, effective and meaningfully address issues of shared concern. 

Team members worked to analyze the data collected from both Duke researchers (surveys and interviews) and community organizations (interviews) during the related 2021-2022 project. They split into two subteams: one focused on qualitative data analysis and the other focused on quantitative data analysis. Once analyses were completed, they synthesized findings across data types for Duke researcher participants and community partner participants. 

They then began developing a memo to share with university leadership on mechanisms to enhance the availability, success and equitable practice of community-engaged research partnerships. They are also preparing to draft a peer-reviewed manuscript.

Equitable University-Community Research Partnerships

Poster by Cai Liu, Joey Rauch, Ryder Buttry, Libby Doyle, Zoe Spicer and Zoe Loh

Team poster.