Many Duke alumni continue working on issues they began tackling through Bass Connections. In some cases, Bass Connections projects have affirmed or inspired future plans. The following are just a few examples of former students who are pursuing further studies or working in a field related to their Bass Connections projects. These stories are supported by the findings of our alumni survey and alumni focus groups. We invite alumni to reach out to us with their stories and connect with us on LinkedIn

The information below each name includes major/program, school (Trinity is indicated by T and Pratt by P), graduation year, Bass Connections project and current position.

Alex Rudee.

Environmental Management N'18
Turning the Mid-Century Decarbonization Strategy into Concrete Policy for U.S. Forests and Agriculture (2017-2018)
Senior Program Manager, Nature-Based Solutions at Amazon

As a member of this Bass Connections team in 2017-18, I learned what it takes to develop, test and publish policy recommendations for federal action on climate change. The knowledge I gained in research, interviews and writing for a policy audience have been invaluable in my postgraduate career, as... read more »
Kaylin Tsukayama headshot.
As a junior undergraduate, I — like many college students — wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take in my career. I was a neuroscience major, and had already spent nearly three years studying the subject and working in labs. Yet, I was starting to question whether I wanted to continue in a... read more »
Natalie Yu headshot.

Program II T'19
Global Alliance on Disability and Health Innovation (GANDHI) (2017-2018)
Senior Associate, Healthcare Accounts Group, Singapore Economic Development Board

When I first decided to apply to Bass Connections teams, I assumed I would join one related to artificial intelligence or neuroscience — those were my main areas of interest, after all. I changed my mind when I heard about the Global Alliance on Disability and Health Innovation (GANDHI) project.... read more »
Siddhesh Zadey.
Siddhesh Zadey, who graduated from the Duke Master of Science in Global Health program in May 2021, hails from a small Indian city called Nagpur, the geographical center of the country. He came to the U.S. after studying at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, but he remains... read more »
Erika Zambello.

Environmental Management N'15
Exploring the Intersection of Energy and Peace-building through Film (2014-2015)
Communications Director, Audubon Florida

After I graduated from Duke, I worked in the coastal management program for a county in Florida and then as the Communications and Marketing Coordinator for the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance. Throughout this period, I have also been working extensively in the freelance space, from communications... read more »