Education, Poverty and Economic Inequality in Rural Appalachia (2013-2014)

Building on an initiative that supports educational opportunity for girls and young women (Partnership for Appalachian Girls' Education), this project team explored education and human development in economically distressed, rural mountain communities in Appalachian North Carolina.



This Team in the News

Three Bass Connections Participants Named Fulbright Scholars

Appalachian Dreams

I love applying my academic studies beyond the classroom and building my problem-solving and teamwork skills. I have only just begun to appreciate the power of research, collaboration and passion in driving social change, and I look forward to the many exciting developments on the horizon. –Emily Hadley

Faculty/Staff Team Members

Deborah Hicks, Social Science Research Institute*
Robert Korstad, Sanford School of Public Policy*

Graduate Team Members

Teresa Romano, Economics-PHD

Undergraduate Team Members

Abby Ardis, Biology (BS)
Patricia Deza
Rachel Gress, Public Policy Studies (AB)
Hillary Grubbs
Sarah Haas, Women's Studies (AB)
Emily Hadley, Public Policy Studies (AB)
Kyrstin Lulow
Reed McGinley-Stempel, Public Policy Studies (AB)
Risa Pieters
Rifat Rahman, Biology (BS)
Rosemary Williams, Asian & Mid East Studies (AB)
Mary Wilson

* denotes team leader


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