Racial and Educational Inequality as a Consequence of Family Structure: Learning from Shotgun Marriages (2013-2014)

Using data on North Carolina births and marriages, this project team investigated the link between family structure and educational outcomes of children in ways that previously were not possible because of data limitations.



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Faculty Perspectives: Anna Gassman-Pines

This project team was originally part of the Education & Human Development theme of Bass Connections, which ended in 2022. 

Team Leaders

  • Elizabeth Ananat, Sanford School of Public Policy
  • Anna Gassman-Pines, Sanford School of Public Policy
  • Christina Gibson-Davis, Sanford School of Public Policy

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Kshipra Hemal, Statistical Science (BS)
  • Marcayla Hester
  • Guohao Qu, Economics (BS), Public Policy Studies (AB2)
  • Kehan Zhang, Economics (BS), Statistical Science (BS2)