Theses and Dissertations

The following are just a few examples of students who leveraged Bass Connections participation for their thesis or dissertation.

The information below each name includes major/program, the thesis or dissertation title, Bass Connections project.

Shruti Rao

Program II
Thesis examining the relationship among global value chains, behavioral economics and the psychology of personal finance

North Carolina Competitiveness: The Workforce Development Challenge (2015-2016)
Pocket Colposcope: Increased Distribution and Adoption (2016-2017)

Sarah Rapaport

Conditional LRP1 Knockout Murine Model for Traumatic Brain Injury

Perception, Language and Memory (2014-2015)
Interventions Improving Neurosurgery Patient Outcomes in Uganda (2017-2018)

Daniel Ribeiro, J.D.

Adaptive Regulatory Impact Assessment: Beyond the Foresight-Hindsight Divide

Reviewing Retrospective Regulatory Review (2015-2016)

Chloe Ricks

International Comparative Studies
‘Last Stop Destination’: Poverty, Anti-Blackness and University Education in the Mississippi Delta and the Baixada Fluminense (Rio Lowlands) in Brazil

The Cost of Opportunity? Higher Education in the Baixada Fluminense (2017-2018)

Marguerite Rooney

Ocular Movement and Subconcussive Exposure in the Pediatric Brain

Oculomotor Response as an Objective Assessment for Mild TBI in the Pediatric Population (2017-2018)

Samantha Sadler

Global Health and Neuroscience
Infection Control from an Emic Perspective: Forming and Evaluating a Local Infection Control Team in a Low-Resource Neurosurgical Ward

Evaluating Interventions Aimed at Improving Neurosurgical Patient Outcomes in Uganda (2018-2019)

Indrani Saha

Program II
Being Within: Disruption and Disorientation in Carlos Cruz-Diez's Chromosaturation

Art, Vision and the Brain: An Exploration of Color and Brightness (2014-2015)

Soli Shin, M.E.M.

Environmental Management
Ancillary Services Participation for Electric Vehicle Fleets

Governance and Adaptive Regulation of Transformational Technologies in Transportation (2017-2018)

Meghana Vagwala

Program II
Mental Health Stigma: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Medical Students and Physicians in Urban Nepal

Global Mental Health Program (2017-2018)

Hanzhang Xu, Ph.D.

Association between Migration and Cognitive Function among Middle Aged and Older Adults: A Comparison between China and India

Community Care of Frail Elders in Cross-cultural Settings: A Team-based Approach (2015-2016)

Natalie Chin Wen Yu

Program II
So You Think You Can Accelerate? A Qualitative Study of Accelerator Program Design and Perceived Helpfulness to Scaling Healthcare Innovation

Global Alliance on Disability and Health Innovation (GANDHI) (2017-2018)