Theses and Dissertations

The following are just a few examples of students who leveraged Bass Connections participation for their thesis or dissertation.

The information below each name includes major/program, the thesis or dissertation title, Bass Connections project.

Austin Murray, M.S.

Biomedical Engineering
Improvement of Baseline Drift Removal and Sensor Ergonomics for a Portable Electrooculography (EOG) Headset

Oculomotor Response as an Objective Assessment for Mild TBI in the Pediatric Population (2017-2018)

Vinay Nagaraj

Mechanical Engineering
Graphical User Interface for Self-Guided Frequency Allocation in Cochlear Implants

Self-guided Parameter Fitting for Cochlear Implant Users (2014-2015)

Alexandra Oprea, Ph.D.

Political Science
Children or Citizens: Civic Education in Liberal Political Thought

Citizenship Lab: Civic Participation of Refugee Youth in Durham (2015-2016)

Daniel O’Connell

Age Related Differences on a Smooth Pursuit Task in High School and Youth Football Participants: Implications for Baseline Concussion Assessments

Oculomotor Response as an Objective Assessment for Mild TBI in the Pediatric Population (2017-2018)

Shruti Rao

Program II
Thesis examining the relationship among global value chains, behavioral economics and the psychology of personal finance

North Carolina Competitiveness: The Workforce Development Challenge (2015-2016)
Pocket Colposcope: Increased Distribution and Adoption (2016-2017)

Sarah Rapaport

Conditional LRP1 Knockout Murine Model for Traumatic Brain Injury

Perception, Language and Memory (2014-2015)
Interventions Improving Neurosurgery Patient Outcomes in Uganda (2017-2018)

Daniel Ribeiro, J.D.

Adaptive Regulatory Impact Assessment: Beyond the Foresight-Hindsight Divide

Reviewing Retrospective Regulatory Review (2015-2016)

Chloe Ricks

International Comparative Studies
‘Last Stop Destination’: Poverty, Anti-Blackness and University Education in the Mississippi Delta and the Baixada Fluminense (Rio Lowlands) in Brazil

The Cost of Opportunity? Higher Education in the Baixada Fluminense (2017-2018)

Marguerite Rooney

Ocular Movement and Subconcussive Exposure in the Pediatric Brain

Oculomotor Response as an Objective Assessment for Mild TBI in the Pediatric Population (2017-2018)

Indrani Saha

Program II
Being Within: Disruption and Disorientation in Carlos Cruz-Diez's Chromosaturation

Art, Vision and the Brain: An Exploration of Color and Brightness (2014-2015)

Soli Shin, M.E.M.

Environmental Management
Ancillary Services Participation for Electric Vehicle Fleets

Governance and Adaptive Regulation of Transformational Technologies in Transportation (2017-2018)

Meghana Vagwala

Program II
Mental Health Stigma: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Medical Students and Physicians in Urban Nepal

Global Mental Health Program (2017-2018)

Kate Watkins

Biology and History
Thesis based on vaccine social support research conducted in Roatan, Honduras

mHealth for Better Routine Immunization Data in Honduras (2017-2018)