Theses and Dissertations

The following are just a few examples of students who leveraged Bass Connections participation for their thesis or dissertation.

The information below each name includes major/program, the thesis or dissertation title, Bass Connections project.

Kathy Dai

Genomic Instability in Alzheimer's Disease: TOMM40 Poly-T Variations

Brain-immune Interactions in Neurodegenerative Disease (2016-2017)

John D’Angelo

Biomedical Engineering
Baseline Drift Removal with an Electrooculography Headset

Oculomotor Response as an Objective Assessment for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in the Pediatric Population (2016-2017)

Jonathon Free, Ph.D.

Redistributing Risk: The Political Ecology of Coal in Late-Twentieth Century Appalachia

Regulatory Disaster Scene Investigation (2014-2015)

Sonal Gagrani

The Effect of a TOMM40 Poly-T Variant on Mitochondrial Stress Responses in Alzheimer’s Disease

Brain-immune Interactions in Neurodegenerative Disease (2014-2015)

Joshua Grubbs

Evaluation of a Dietary Intervention for Chronic Methylmercury Exposure Among Communities in Madre de Dios, Peru

Environmental Epidemiology in Latin America: Research and Policy Development to Reduce Chemical Exposures (2016-2017)

Jordan Hashemi, Ph.D.

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Automatic Behavioral Analysis from Faces and Applications to Risk Marker Quantification for Autism

Information, Child Mental Health and Society (2014-2015)

Connor Hile

Utilizing a Multi-methodological Approach to Examine the Effects of Subconcussive Loading in American Football

Oculomotor Response as an Objective Assessment for Mild TBI in the Pediatric Population (2017-2018)

Anna Johns Hrom, Ph.D.

Between Fraud Heaven and Tort Hell: The Business, Politics, and Law of Lawsuits

Reviewing Retrospective Regulatory Review (2015-2016)

Lauren Kane

Honors thesis on white matter alterations and methionine cycle dysregulations in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease

Brain-immune Interactions in Neurodegenerative Disease (2014-2015)

Julia Kaufman

Global Health and International Comparative Studies
Understanding Community-Based Practices Used by Lay Counselors in a Family Therapy Intervention in Eldoret, Kenya

Global Mental Health Program (2017-2018)
Responding to the Educational and Psychological Needs of Children and Families in Durham's Transitional Housing (2015-2016)

Travis Knoll, Ph.D.

Liberate, Inculturate, Educate! Black Brazilian Catholics and Affirmative Action, from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia

The Cost of Opportunity? Higher Education in the Baixada Fluminense (2017-2018)

Christopher Lam, Ph.D.

Biomedical Engineering
The Pocket Microscope, a Novel Low-cost Digital Imaging Device, to Improve Access to Women’s Cancer Screening in Resource-limited Settings

Pocket Colposcope: Increased Distribution and Adoption (2017-2018)

Jenny Li

Global Health and Sociology
Technology in Global Health Education: Evaluation of a Distance Learning Program for Ghanaian Nurse Anesthetists

Distance-based, Executive-style Degree Completion Program for Ghanaian Nurse Anesthetists (2014-2015)

Shweta Lodha

Thesis based on her Bass Connections project team

Patients' Journey to Medication Adherence (2017-2018)

Leah Louis-Prescott, M.E.M.

Environmental Management
Recommendations for Implementing a Carbon Tax in Boulder, Colorado (coauthored by Danielle Arostegui, Rachel Brinks, Ryan Callihan, Lauren Mechak)

Governance and Adaptive Regulation of Transformational Technologies in Transportation (2017-2018)