Examples of Publications

Bass Connections projects result in a range of outcomes. The following are a few examples of project teams that have published notable external publications and products.

Brain & Society

County-Level Dynamics of Heroin Mortality in North Carolina
Alexander H. Gunn, Bryce Bartlett, Grace Feng, Matthew Gayed, Katie Kanter, Erica Onuoha, Madeline Thornton, Andrew Muzyk, Nicole Schramm-Sapyta. 2018. North Carolina Medical Journal 79(3):195-200.
Stemming the Opiate Epidemic through Education and Outreach

Breast Cancer Oral Anti-cancer Medication Adherence: A Systematic Review of Psychosocial Motivators and Barriers
Cheryl Lin, Rachel Clark, Pikuei Tu, Hayden B. Bosworth, Leah L. Zullig. 2017. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 165(2):247-260.
Patients’ Journey to Medication Adherence

Perinatal Western-type Diet and Associated Gestational Weight Gain Alter Postpartum Maternal Mood
Jessica L. Bolton, Melanie G. Wiley, Bailey Ryan, Samantha Truong, Melva Strait, Dana Creighton Baker, Nancy Y. Yang, Olga Ilkayeva, Thomas M. O’Connell, Shelley W. Wroth, Cristina L. Sanchez, Geeta Swamy, Christopher Newgard, Cynthia Kuhn, Staci D. Bilbo, Leigh Ann Simmons. 2017. Brain and Behavior.
Maternal Nutrition and the Developing Brain

Gene Expression Analysis of Neurons and Astrocytes Isolated by Laser Capture Microdissection from Frozen Human Brain Tissues
Lidia Tagliafierro, Kirsten Bonawitz, Omolara C. Glenn, Ornit Chiba-Falek. 2016. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience. 9:72.
Brain-immune Interactions in Neurodegenerative Disease

Making Faces at the Intersection of Art and Neuroscience
Monica Huerta, Elizabeth Johnson, Eleonora Lad, Jeff MacInnes, Guillermo Sapiro, Marianne Wardle, Kaitlin Henderson, Anuhita Basavaraju, Peter Cangialosi, Sophie Katz, Eduardo Salgado, Christopher Yoo. 2016. Durham, NC: Nasher Museum of Art.
Art, Vision and the Brain

Arginine Deprivation and Immune Suppression in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Matthew J. Kan, Jennifer E. Lee, Joan G. Wilson, Angela L. Everhart, Candice M. Brown, Andrew N. Hoofnagle, Marilyn Jansen, Michael P. Vitek, Michael D. Gunn, Carol A. Colton. 2015. The Journal of Neuroscience 35(15):5969-5982.
Brain-immune Interactions in Neurodegenerative Disease

Seeing Color: Art, Vision and the Brain
Elizabeth Johnson, Eleonora Lad, Sina Farsiu, Marianne Wardle, Charlie Hass, Emily Chen, Indrani Saha, Justin Yu. 2015. Durham, NC: Nasher Museum of Art.
Art, Vision and the Brain: An Exploration of Color and Brightness

Information, Society & Culture

Autism & Beyond
Helen Egger, Guillermo Sapiro, Ricky Bloomfield, Geraldine Dawson, Kathleen Campbell, Samuel Brotkin, Jordan Hashemi, Kimberly L.H. Carpenter, Qiang Qiu, Mariano Tepper, Steven Espinosa, Jana Schaich Borg, Robert Calderbank, Zhuoqing Chang, Michael Revoir, Jamie Daniel II, Rebecca Namenek Brouwer, Marissa Stroo, Johanna O’Dell, Margaret Pendzich, Darin London, Chet Corey, Darrin Mann, Matt Gardner, Richard Adrian, Jason Adair. 2015. Apple ResearchKit.
Information, Child Mental Health and Society

Deep Impact: Effects of Mountaintop Mining on Surface Topography, Bedrock Structure, and Downstream Waters
Matthew R. V. Ross, Brian L. McGlynn, Emily S. Bernhardt. 2016. Environmental Science and Technology 50(4):2064-2074.
Interactive Environmental Data Applications

Global Health

Cooking Practices, Human Health, and the Environment
Erin Litzow, Lydia K. Green, Laura Guidera, Thomas Klug. 2017. Global Energy Access Network (GLEAN).
Cookstoves and Air Pollution in Madagascar: Finding Winning Solutions for Human Health and Biodiversity

Design and Preliminary Analysis of a Vaginal Inserter for Speculum-free Cervical Cancer Screening
Mercy Nyamewaa Asiedu, Júlia Agudogo, Marlee S. Krieger, Robert Miros, Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell, John W. Schmitt, Nimmi Ramanujam. 2017. PLoS ONE 12(5).
Pocket Colposcope: Increased Distribution and Adoption

Evaluating the Effects of Organizational and Educational Interventions on Adherence to Clinical Practice Guidelines in a Low-resource Primary-care Setting in Kenya
Joseph R. Egger, Kayla Stankevitz, Robert Korom, Philip Angwenyi, Brittney Sullivan, Jun Wang, Sonia Hatfield, Emma Smith, Karishma Popli, Jessica Gross. 2017. Health Policy and Planning.
Evaluation of Scaling Innovative Healthcare Delivery in East Africa

Where Are They Now? Evolution of a Nurse Anesthesia Training School in Ghana and a Survey of Graduates
Melissa G. Potisek, David M. Hatch, Evans Atito-Narh, Jerry Agudogo, Adeyemi J. Olufolabi, Michael Rieker, Holly A. Muir, Medge D. Owen. 2017. Frontiers in Public Health.
Further Developing the Implementation of a Distance-based Executive-style Degree Completion Program for Ghanaian Nurse Anesthetists

Segmented Sleep in a Nonelectric, Small-scale Agricultural Society in Madagascar
David Samson, Melissa Manus, Andrew Krystal, Efe Fakir, James Yu, Charles Nunn. 2017. American Journal of Human Biology.
Shining Evolutionary Light on Global Health Challenges

Shining Evolutionary Light on Human Sleep and Sleep Disorders
Charles L. Nunn, David R. Samson, Andrew D. Krystal. 2016. Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health 1:227-243.
Shining Evolutionary Light on Global Health Challenges

River Transport of Mercury from Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining and Risks for Dietary Mercury Exposure in Madre de Dios, Peru
SE Diringer, BJ Feingold, EJ Ortiz, JA Gallis, JM Araújo-Flores, A Berky, WK Pan, H Hsu-Kim. 2015. Environmental Science: Processes & Impact 17(2):478-487.
Environmental Epidemiology Research Training in the Peruvian Amazon

Non-invasive Prenatal Testing: A Review of International Implementation and Challenges
M Allyse, MA Minear, E Berson, S Sridhar, M Rote, A Hung, S Chandrasekharan. 2015. International Journal of Women’s Health 7:113-126.
Noninvasive Prenatal Testing in the Developing World

Self-reported Diabetes Treatments among Chinese Adults: Comparison of Urban Residents, Migrants in Urban Settings, and Rural Residents
Hanzhang Xu, Jian-feng Luo, Bei Wu. 2015. International Journal of Nursing Sciences 2;1.
Community Care of Frail Elders in Cross-cultural Settings

Validating a Scale of Health Beliefs in Preventive Health Screenings Among Chinese Older Adults
Hanzhang Xu, Paulin Straughan, Wei Pan, Bei Wu. 2016. Journal of Transcultural Nursing.
Community Care of Frail Elders in Cross-cultural Settings

Education & Human Development

Leveraging Global Value Chains to Bridge the Gap between Rural and Global Economies: Case of North Carolina’s Appalachian Automotive Industry
Shruti Rao. 2018 Journal of Rural and Community Development 13(1):105-124.
North Carolina Competitiveness: The Workforce Development Challenge

Paying for Power: The Political Economy of Energy Insolvency in Bihar, India
Emily Rains. 2017. Global Energy Access Network (GLEAN).
Studying the Real "Slums" of Bangalore, Patna and Jaipur

Understanding the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Student Experience: An Examination of Attitudes, Motivations, and Barriers
Heather B. Shapiro, Clara H. Lee, Noelle E. Wyman Roth, Kun Li, Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel, Dorian A. Canelas. 2017. Computers & Education 110:35-50.
Coursera and the Future of Free Massive Open Online Courses

A Preliminary Investigation of a Specialized Music Therapy Model for Children with Disabilities Delivered in a Classroom Setting
Jenna Mendelson, Yasmine White, Laura Hans, Richard Adebari, Lorrie Schmid, Jan Riggsbee, Ali Goldsmith, Burcu Ozler, Kristen Buehne, Sarah Jones, Jennifer Shapleton, Geraldine Dawson. 2016. Autism Research and Treatment.
Voices Together: Music Therapy and Autism in Elementary Schools

They Should Say “I Don’t”: Norms about Midpregnancy Marriage and Job Loss
Anna Gassman-Pines, Christina M. Gibson-Davis, Corey Vernot, Maggie Butler, Natalie Hall, Lauren Taylor, Katherine Eastwood, Xinri Zhang. 2016. Journal of Marriage and Family.
Racial and Educational Inequality as a Consequence of Family Structure: Learning from Shotgun Marriages

Midpregnancy Marriage and Divorce: Why the Death of Shotgun Marriage Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
Christina M. Gibson-Davis, Elizabeth O. Ananat, Anna Gassman-Pines. 2016. Demography.
Racial and Educational Inequality as a Consequence of Family Structure: Learning from Shotgun Marriages

Building a University-Community Partnership to Promote High School Graduation and Beyond: An Innovative Undergraduate Team Approach
Ann B. Brewster, Paul Pisani, Max Ramseyer, Jack Wise. 2016. Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education 8(1):44-58.
Disconnected Youth and School Dropout Prevention

Slum Types and Adaptation Strategies: Identifying Policy-relevant Differences in Bangalore
Anirudh Krishna, MS Sriram, Purnima Prakash. 2014. Environment & Urbanization.
Where Are the Real ‘Slums’ in Bangalore?

Energy & Environment

WindAid in Playa Blanca, Peru
Aashna Aggarwal, Katherine Guo, Danielle Holt. 2017. Global Energy Access Network (GLEAN).
Exploration and Design of Student-led International Rural Electricity Access Projects

Electrifying Rural Indonesia: One NGO's Approach to Community Empowerment
Tyler Wakefield. 2017. Global Energy Access Network (GLEAN).
Exploration and Design of Student-led International Rural Electricity Access Projects

Policy Shock: Recalibrating Risk and Regulation after Oil Spills, Nuclear Accidents and Financial Crises
Edward J. Balleisen, Lori S. Bennear, Kimberly D. Krawiec, Jonathan B. Wiener, eds. (featuring contributions from Bass Connections team members David Cheang, Jonathon Free, Megan Hayes, Emily Pechar, A. Catherine Preston). 2017. Cambridge University Press.
Regulatory Disaster Scene Investigation

Technocracy, Democracy and Public Policy: An Evaluation of Public Participation in Retrospective Regulatory Review
Mercy B. DeMenno. 2017. Regulation & Governance.
Reviewing Retrospective Regulatory Review

Environmental Regulation Going Retro: Learning Foresight from Hindsight
Jonathan B. Wiener and Daniel Ribeiro. 2016. Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law 32.
Reviewing Retrospective Regulatory Review

Distributed Solar Photovoltaic Array Location and Extent Dataset for Remote Sensing Object Identification
Kyle Bradbury, Raghav Saboo, Timothy L. Johnson, Jordan Malof, Arjun Devarajan, Wuming Zhang, Leslie M. Collins, Richard G. Newell. 2016. Scientific Data 3.
Energy Data Analytics Lab

Innovations in Home Energy Use: A Sourcebook for Behavior Change
Brian G. Southwell, Elizabeth M.B. Doran, Laura S. Richman, eds. 2016. Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI Press.
LIT HoMES (Leveraging Individual Transitions into Homeownership to Motivate Energy Savings)

Impact Assessment: Diffusion and Integration
Jonathan B. Wiener and Daniel L. Ribeiro, in Francesca Bignami and David Zaring, eds. Comparative Law and Regulation: Understanding the Global Regulatory Process. 2016. Edward Elgar.
Reviewing Retrospective Regulatory Review

Energy Information Engagement among the Poor: Predicting Participation in a Free Workshop
Brian Southwell, Kristina Ronneberg, Kelly Shen, Emily Jorgens, Juanita Hazel, Rahiel Alemu, Jennifer Ross, Laura Richman, Daniel Vermeer. 2014. Energy Research & Social Science 4:21-22.
Communicating about Energy in the Triangle