Modeling Tools for Energy Systems Analysis (MOTESA) (2014-2015)

Understanding the potential and effects of different penetration levels of wind and solar power requires detailed characterization of 1) renewable resources; 2) conventional electricity generation infrastructure that currently exist; and 3) the interaction and coordination of the two in a balancing authority/independent system operator/regional transmission organization.

This project responded to these three requirements by developing and making accessible a few tools that vary in purpose and sophistication, but that each serve as building blocks for more complex models and are downloadable, well documented and user friendly. The first beneficiaries of the open access tools were students from Duke and NC State who will be able to use and build on the tools developed by their peers and predecessors; going forward, the team expects that other students and faculty from the area and the country will contribute to the site and benefit from the initiative.


Fall 2014 – Spring 2015

Team Outcomes

Evangelos Denaxas, Rubenka Bandyopadhyay, Dalia Patiño-Echeverri, Nikos Pitsianis. 2015. SynTiSe: A modified multi-regime MCMC approach for generation of wind power synthetic time series, Systems Conference (SysCon), 2015 9th Annual IEEE International, 13-16 April 2015, pp. 668-674. (related paper)

Electricity market clearing model; three versions (unit commitment/economic dispatch model with and without flexible-ramp capability products, deterministic and stochastic)

See related teams, Modeling Tools for Energy Systems Analysis (MOTESA) (2013-2014) and Modeling Tools for Energy Systems Analysis (MOTESA) (2016-2017) .


Faculty/Staff Team Members

Dalia Patino Echeverri, Nicholas School - Environmental Sciences & Policy*
Nikos Pitsianis, Trinity - Computer Science*
Xiaobai Sun, Trinity - Computer Science*

Graduate Team Members

Bandar Alqahtani, Nicholas School - Environmental Science and Policy
Rubenka Bandyopadhyay, Nicholas School - Environmental Science and Policy
Ali Daraeepour, Environmental Science and Policy PhD
Xin Li, Nicholas School - Master of Environmental Management
Eric Williams, Nicholas School - Environmental Sciences and Polic
Shiyao Wu, Nicholas School - Master of Environmental Manageme
Fei Xu, Nicholas School - Master of Environmental Manageme

Undergraduate Team Members

Thomas Bagley, Computer Science (BS), Mathematics (BS2)
Tristan Ballard
Xi Chen, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science (AB2)
Elijah Cole, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Terence Conlon
Zeren (Jimmy) Zhang, Computer Science (BS)

* denotes team leader


Completed, Archived