Information, Child Mental Health and Society (2014-2015)

Imagine a world where we understand how to detect mental health and developmental problems in early childhood so that we can intervene early in life and prevent future suffering and impairment.

This project team contributed to an important collaboration among researchers at Duke University and Duke Medical Center that was launched in October 2015 as an Apple ResearchKit app called Autism & Beyond. The free app invites parents and young children to take part in a study. First, the child watches four short videos while the iPhone camera records the child’s reactions. Next, the parent is asked to complete short surveys. Finally, the parent can upload the whole recording or just the face features. The app is intended not to diagnose but to test the reliability of smartphone questionnaires and video analysis of facial expressions as a possible screening tool for autism and other developmental disorders. The team has been working with colleagues in China to roll out a Mandarin version.



Team Outcomes

Helen L. Egger, Geraldine Dawson, Jordan Hashemi, Kimberly L. H. Carpenter, Steven Espinosa, Kathleen Campbell, Samuel Brotkin, Jana Shaich-Borg, Qiang Qiu, Mariano Tepper, Jeffrey P. Baker, Ricky Bloomfield, Guillermo Sapiro. 2018. Automatic Emotion and Attention Analysis of Young Children at Home: A ResearchKit Autism Feasibility Study. npj Digital Medicine June 1.

Geraldine Dawson and Scott Kollins, Co-occurring ADHD in young children with ASD: Precursors, detection, neural signatures, and early treatment ($12,500,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health, 2017)

Autism & Beyond

Information, Child Mental Health and Society (poster)


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This project team was originally part of the Education & Human Development theme of Bass Connections, which ended in 2022. See earlier related team, Information, Child Mental Health and Society (2013-2014).

Team Leaders

  • Geri Dawson, School of Medicine-Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Helen Egger, School of Medicine-Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Guillermo Sapiro, Pratt School of Engineering-Electrical & Computer Engineering

/graduate Team Members

  • Jordan Hashemi, Electrical/Computer Engg-PHD

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Edward Kim, Electrical & Computer Egr(BSE)
  • Meghan Scanlon, Statistical Science (BS)
  • Rosa Yang, Biology (BS)

/zcommunity Team Members

  • Apple