Education & Human Development

Interdisciplinary Themes

Bass Connections projects, courses and summer programs are aligned with the following themes:

Led by the Social Science Research Institute

Achieving positive life outcomes depends on a complex, interconnected set of experiences and circumstances including the resources of the community, social and family supports, health and education as well as cultural and historical factors. Bass Connections in Education & Human Development engages students and faculty in interdisciplinary research that explores that full range of factors contributing to valued life outcomes across the lifespan, including health, social and familial connections, happiness, income and employment.

Being situated in the American South, we also recognize that history continues to impact the life experiences of children born here, particularly those living in rural areas, minority households and low socioeconomic status households. We encourage a broad exploration of the factors that contribute to human development, with a focus on our local community but also extending beyond and engaging with our interconnected world.

Education & Human Development Project Teams

Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium.

This project will test the impacts of collaborative learning on student motivation, retention in STEM and self-efficacy in order to better serve Duke’s diverse undergraduate student population. Read more about Collaborative Learning in STEM: Impacts on Student Motivation, Retention and Self-efficacy (2019-2020) »

Day 036: Primary.

This project will examine the development and measurement of political attitudes and voting behavior in the U.S. with the broad goal of understanding the political attitudes and behavior of young voters. Read more about Developing the Political Citizen: Uncovering the Origins of Political Attitudes and Opinions (2019-2020) »

Courtesy of Y.O.G.A. for Youth North Carolina.

This project will analyze the effects of a regular yoga and meditation practice on after-school students’ mindfulness, emotional regulation, self-esteem, stress response, resilience, physical health, academic performance, social behavior and body image. Read more about Mindfulness in Human Development (2019-2020) »

Toddlers at Black Mountain College, Summer 1948.

This project will compile scientific and practical knowledge to inform North Carolina’s Early Childhood Councils on how the state can achieve and track the goals in the Action Plan. Read more about NC Early Childhood Action Plan: Achieving Goals with Innovative, Evidence-based Policy Solutions (2019-2020) »

CSbyUs launch event at Duke University, Fall 2018.

This project aims to create open source curricula for middle school learners, foster equitable identity development and articulate a participatory and inclusive vision for computer science education. Read more about OSPRI Lab: CSbyUs (2019-2020) »

SALUD website.

This project will develop infrastructure for high school and college students to receive personal and professional development, mentorship and leadership skills via a 12-week curriculum centered on social determinants of health affecting the Latinx community. Read more about Scholar Academy for Latinxs United for Diversity (SALUD): Mentorship and Leadership Program Model (2019-2020) »

STEM girls.

This project aims to improve girls’ math identities and spatial reasoning skills by developing and implementing a series of free workshops for middle school students. Read more about Spatial Reasoning and Problem-based Learning to Improve Girls' Math Identity (2019-2020) »

Courtesy of Bull City Community Schools Partnership blog.

Focusing on ways in which universities can support public schools, this project will aim to establish a partnership between local universities and Durham Public Schools. Read more about University-assisted Community Schools (2019-2020) »

Image by DariuszSankowski.

This project will address the gaps in college student mental healthcare by implementing a new peer health coaching program, in which students who are trained as coaches will deliver support via text messaging. Read more about Virtual Avatar Coaches: Improving Mental Health Treatment for College Students with Accessible Peer Support (2019-2020) »

El Sistema and Kidznotes logos.

This project will conduct research with Kidznotes, a music education program that serves 500 students annually in the Triangle, to understand the impact of parental involvement on participating youth. Read more about Youth, Music and Social Change: Building the Evidence Base with Kidznotes and El Sistema USA (2019-2020) »

Education & Human Development Courses

Other Undergraduate Courses

I&E 262: The 21st Century Student: Open Knowledge and Education Innovation

Instructor: Aria Chernik

According to 20th-century progressive educator Paulo Freire, education has the potential to be a great liberator or a systematic oppressor. Freire developed a critical pedagogy of liberation, but his efforts to provide widespread access to knowledge and transform the power imbalance between... Read more about The 21st Century Student: Open Knowledge and Education Innovation »

PUBPOL 290S-04: Social Entrepreneurship and the Arts

Spring 2020
Instructor: Katie Wyatt

This course will train interested students in creative social entrepreneurship, allowing students to explore their innovative idea in the arts and social change. Read more about Social Entrepreneurship and the Arts »

Undergraduate/Graduate Courses

PUBPOL 590S-06: The Politics of Education

Fall 2019
Instructor: Stanley Litow

This class will focus on the state of public education in America and the potential ways of addressing the challenges of improving student achievement. Read more about The Politics of Education »