Faculty Perspectives

Interested in learning more about Bass Connections from the point of view of faculty who have been involved? Here, Duke faculty members reflect on their experience. (For student perspectives, visit our Tumblr.) Inspired? Learn how you can get involved in Bass Connections.

Heidi White

Heidi White, MDI can say as a geriatrician in the Department of Medicine that it has been a very enriching experience to work with my faculty colleagues Cassandra Germain, a neuropsychologist, and Tobias Overath, a neuroscientist. They have stretched me, helped me to connect my clinical interests to fundamental neuroscience and been very forgiving when my clinical schedule made it a challenge for me to attend meetings. And the Duke undergraduate students are so amazing. More >

Emily M. Klein

Emily M. KleinWe put together teams of Pratt and Trinity undergraduates, as well as graduate students, to come up with their own ideas of what they’re interested in working on in the realm of energy and the environment. Every year, they come up with awesome things. I see that the learning process in working on teams is such a rich way to learn from each other. I find that I want more and more of that small group experience and exploration in my research and teaching. More >

Martin Brooke

Martin BrookeOur class Performance and Technology is cross-listed in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Information Science, Theater Studies and Dance. We get an incredibly eclectic group of students taking it. The Bass Connections team does things that spin out of the class and we take further. Creating artists who understand technology, and engineers who understand art, is what our class and project are all about. I like to think about it like a vocabulary. More >

Jeffrey Moe

Jeffrey MoeOur team is conducting a global value chain analysis of the launch of chlorhexidine (CHX) for umbilical cord care in Bangladesh. We’re not just looking at the supply chain, but more broadly looking at all the factors surrounding the production, distribution and adoption of CHX by health care workers and mothers. Seventy percent of the births in Bangladesh are home births…. We needed students from many disciplines. One thing was true of them all: they had pluck! More >

Craig Roberts

Craig RobertsWe worked on this idea of developing an app of course concepts across the year and then using the data from the learning management system to personalize that map for each individual student…. We felt it would be a good fit for Bass Connections to bring together knowledge of computer science, learning sciences and visual arts. This project has really enabled us to connect with students in different disciplines and also faculty members with these types of expertise. More >

Deborah Rigling Gallagher

Deborah Rigling Gallagher The idea for this project was based on a beginning partnership with Paul Quinn College. I do some work at the intersection of environmental justice and urban development, and I had a small grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Federation to do work in the community next to the college. I came up with this idea of bringing students from Duke and Paul Quinn together for the next phase. Bass Connections was really transformative for me. More >

David Bell

David BellThe Bass Connections experience has been personally very transforming intellectually. It’s partially changed my research and writing focus. I have a piece coming out on touch and closeness in a collection to be published by the University of Chicago Press, which I never would have written if I hadn’t had this experience. And I’m working on a piece on spatial memory, which is a new area of reflection for me. More >

Joseph Egger

Joseph Egger

It’s been a really interesting experience to merge the global health side and the business school side, because we don’t always come at problems the same way. We’re all learning a lot in this process…. We’re writing a paper together, and as a group we went to the CUGH conference and presented a poster. That was a great experience. And a couple of our students participated in a case competition and actually won! More >