Open Design at Duke and Beyond (2019-2020)

This project offered students a rare opportunity to help ideate and build design experiences at Duke. Students gained content knowledge about design thinking and human-centered design, planned and executed a one-day design learning summit, built educational resources for use at Duke and beyond and helped design Duke’s new Open Design+ summer research experience.

Team members also built a design framework that is dedicated to an open ethos, a design process that values and promotes access to information, inclusion, diversity, transparency and meritocracy and to collaboration and community. This brand is called “open design.”


Summer 2019 – Summer 2020

Team Outputs

Open Design at Duke & Beyond: Final Report

Stakeholder Map

Open Design at Duke & Beyond (poster by Maria Abinader, Priya Parkash, Karissa Tu, Tinpei Tung, Daisy Wang, Lydia Wang, Jodi Yeh, Jeel Ghughu, Matthew Lanza, Tarunam Mahajan and Page O'Leary, submitted to Bass Connections Virtual Showcase 2020)

How to Implement Design Thinking at Duke (Fortin Foundation Bass Connections Virtual Showcase 2020)


Ep. 151: Open Design at Duke University w/ Dr. Aria Chernik

This Team in the News

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Open design cycle.

Team Leaders

  • Aria Chernik, Social Science Research Institute|Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Kevin Hoch, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

/graduate Team Members

  • Jeel Ghughu, Master of Engineering Mgmt-MEG
  • Matthew Lanza, Public Policy Studies-MPP
  • Tarunam Mahajan, Master of Engineering Mgmt-MEG
  • Paige O'Leary, Global Health - MSc

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Maria Abinader
  • Priya Parkash, Statistical Science (BS)
  • Karissa Tu, Biology (BS)
  • Tinpei Tung, Psychology (AB)
  • Daisy Wang
  • Lydia Wang
  • Jodi Yeh

/yfaculty/staff Team Members

  • Katharine Amato, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Laura Howes, Provost Office
  • Raquel Salvatella De Prada, Arts & Sciences-Art, Art History, and Visual Studies