Math before Symbols: Games to Increase School Readiness in Preschoolers (2013-2014)

This project team worked on a variety of research projects aimed at understanding the relationship between math skills before children learn number symbols and school-based math. One project involved working with preschool children to test the effectiveness of an iPad-based game in readying children's math skills. A second set of projects explored the neural basis of early number skills. A third project aimed to produce a pre-Kindergarten children's book based on insights about how children learn math before symbols.



/faculty/staff Team Members

  • Elizabeth Brannon, Arts & Sciences-Psychology and Neuroscience*
  • Heekyoung Hahn, Arts & Sciences-Mathematics*

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Andrew Ball, Statistical Science (BS)
  • Crystal Chiang
  • Florian Craan
  • Seamus Fitzpatrick, Economics (AB)
  • Rachel Freedman
  • Cayley Larimer, Psychology (BS)
  • Rachel Roberts, Public Policy Studies (AB)
  • Arjan Saraon
  • Chandra Swanson
  • Cynthia Wang, Public Policy Studies (AB)