Education and the Changing Brain (2013-2014)

This project team developed a series of online modules designed both to reveal the role of neurobiology in learning and to test methods in interactive education. These modules were initially targeted to undergraduate students, with planned expansions for teachers and parents.



Team Outcomes

Education and the Changing Brain (poster)

This Team in the News

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SOLsters & Projects (Helen Liu)

/faculty/staff Team Members

  • Laura Hans, Social Science Research Institute*
  • Craig Roberts, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences*
  • James Speckart, Social Science Research Institute

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Ada Aka, Psychology (BS)
  • Yumeng Fang
  • Edlyn Koo, Economics (BS), Psychology (BS2)
  • Helen Liu
  • Shane Neibart, Biomedical Engineering (BSE)
  • Rebecca Ponce De Leon
  • Thomas Prebble, Computer Science (BS)
  • Zirui Xiao