Abortion Laws and Genome Science
April 3, 2014

Margaret Rote is seeing the benefits of including other areas of study, such as global health and ethics, to her neuroscience major. When Margaret joined Bass Connections in Global Health ... read more about Abortion Laws and Genome Science »

Exploring the Data Requirements of Energy Disaggregation
April 1, 2014

The University as an Energy Laboratory team focuses on non-intrusive load monitoring, or energy disaggregation, in order to gain deeper insights from the appliance level information as to how we can reduce our energy consumption and save money.... read more about Exploring the Data Requirements of Energy Disaggregation »

4/8: Human Development and Criminal Responsibility
March 31, 2014

Scientists are quickly increasing their ability to do prenatal screening of genetic code, meaning that expectant parents can find out whether their children are predisposed not only to diseases but to psychological disorders. Will this change how we... read more about 4/8: Human Development and Criminal Responsibility »

Looking for Summer Work Study? Work with Bass!
March 31, 2014

Looking for summer work study? Have design experience? Join our team as our Bass Connections Communications Assistant! More details here!   read more about Looking for Summer Work Study? Work with Bass! »

4/7: Bass Connections at Blue Devil Days!
March 30, 2014

Come out and see us Monday, April 7th at Blue Devil Days! 8:15-9:30am: Departmental Fair, Hall of Honor, Cameron Indoor Stadium 12:45-1:30pm: Special Interest Session Scharf Hall See all our BDD events... read more about 4/7: Bass Connections at Blue Devil Days! »

Duke Forward hits $2 Billion Mark
March 26, 2014

"The world's most challenging and pressing problems won't be solved by one person working in isolation. These issues require nimbleness of mind and approach -- and that's where Duke comes in," said Bass, whose son is a Duke graduate. She and her... read more about Duke Forward hits $2 Billion Mark »

4/1: Building an iOS app for Course Performance Mapping
March 24, 2014

How can we utilize the ease of use in iOS apps to help students understand why particular lessons are important to their education? Find out with Education & Human... read more about 4/1: Building an iOS app for Course Performance Mapping »

Photos: Bass Connections Retreat
March 23, 2014

See photos here from our March 24th Bass Connections Retreat at the beautiful Knight House. Be sure to check out our other photos on our... read more about Photos: Bass Connections Retreat »

Video: Scholar Spotlight - Sammie Truong
March 23, 2014

AB Duke Scholar and Bass Connections Brain & Society's Sammie Truong talks about her global health research in Uganda and here at Duke, and the global community connections... read more about Video: Scholar Spotlight - Sammie Truong »