Video: Scholar Spotlight - Sammie Truong
March 23, 2014

AB Duke Scholar and Bass Connections Brain & Society's Sammie Truong talks about her global health research in Uganda and here at Duke, and the global community connections... read more about Video: Scholar Spotlight - Sammie Truong »

Grappling with Climate Change Policy
March 21, 2014

Bass Connections in Energy team leaders Billy Pizer and Tim Profeta on grappling with climate change policy. Read more... read more about Grappling with Climate Change Policy »

Would Energy Labeling on Food Products Be Effective?
March 21, 2014

Student Shajuti Hossain recently ran a survey with 165 participants to test perceptions on energy usage by various food production processes and appliances. He found that people generally underestimated energy usage for food production a bit more... read more about Would Energy Labeling on Food Products Be Effective? »

3/28: Poster Design Workshop
March 20, 2014

Join us Friday, March 28th at 5pm for our first Poster Workshop! Sponsored by the Bass Connections Student Advisory Council and Dean Grunwald with the... read more about 3/28: Poster Design Workshop »

3/25: The North Carolina Workforce Development Challenge
March 17, 2014

Join Education & Human Development on Tuesday, March 25th as Dr. Gary Gereffi discusses the unique realities of current and future for people growing up and... read more about 3/25: The North Carolina Workforce Development Challenge »

Living in refuge
March 15, 2014

Leena El-Sadek took part in a life-changing trip with her Displacement and Mental Health Bass Connections team to Amman, Jordan. Read more... read more about Living in refuge »

3/18: Insights Into Research with Children
March 10, 2014

Join developmental pediatrician Dr. Laura Hans for a discussion of two short documentaries, “Still Face” and “How We Study Children” to find out how investigations are done when children and infants are the subjects, and what can be learned that is... read more about 3/18: Insights Into Research with Children »

This Is Your Brain On Crime
March 9, 2014

Brain & Society co-leader & Duke Institute for Brain Sciences' Scott Huettel discusses neuroscience, the law, and your... read more about This Is Your Brain On Crime »

Video: Choice Architecture and Translated Attributes
February 25, 2014

Bass Connections in Energy's Adrian Camilleri illustrates how choice architecture influences how we make decisions in his video: Choice Architecture and  Translated Attributes.   read more about Video: Choice Architecture and Translated Attributes »