DOCST 331S: U.S. Women's Health Post-Roe

Fall 2024

Instructor: Wesley Hogan

The overturning of Roe v. Wade in June 2022 led to the deaths of two women in South Carolina. One woman died from sepsis following self-instrumentation, and the second died after giving birth to a healthy baby. She began to hemorrhage; hospital administrators were afraid that the “D&C” she needed to survive was too close to the abortion procedure. A physician team at Duke University Hospitals, led by Dr. Beverly Clark, began to see similar cases in North Carolina. The aim of this course is to document—in real time—the political and ethical dimensions of the situation that healthcare providers now find themselves in as they attempt to provide women the nationwide medical “standard of care.”

  • RIGHTS 337S
  • PUBPOL 332S
  • GLHLTH 331S
  • GSF 233S
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