Environmental Epidemiology Research Training in the Peruvian Amazon (2013-2014)

This project team was a hands-on training program in which students learned about environmental and human data collection for epidemiologic investigations, and obtained field experience in conducting research. The research experience was part of a larger study to better understand human vulnerability to heavy metal exposure and emerging infectious diseases in the Amazon.



Team Outcomes

River Transport of Mercury from Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining and Risks for Dietary Mercury Exposure in Madre de Dios, Peru. Diringer SE, Feingold BJ, Ortiz EJ, Gallis JA, Araújo-Flores JM, Berky A, Pan WK, Hsu-Kim H. Environmental Science: Processes & Impact 2015 Feb;17(2):478-87.

Mercury Biogeochemistry in Madre de Dios Peru: Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining (poster by Sarah Diringer)

Environmental Epidemiology in the Peruvian Amazon (poster by Dominic Lucero and Christina Chao)

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Faculty/Staff Team Members

Beth Feingold, Nicholas School of the Environment
Heileen Hsu-Kim, Pratt School of Engineering-Civil & Environmental Engineering*
Marco Marani, Nicholas School of the Environment-Earth and Ocean Sciences*
Ernesto Ortiz, Duke Global Health Institute*
William Pan, Nicholas School of the Environment-Environmental Sciences and Policy*

Graduate Team Members

Axel Berky, Master of Environmental Management, Ecotoxicolgy & Environmental Health
Jessica Cain, Master of Environmental Management, Ecotoxicolgy & Environmental Health
Sarah Diringer, Civil & Environmental Engg-MS
Lauren Wyatt, Toxicology & Env. Health-PHD

Undergraduate Team Members

Charlotte Lee, Public Policy Studies (AB)
Laura Mistretta
Laura Rogers, Environmental Sci/Policy (AB)

Community Team Members

Peru Ministry of Health
US Naval Medical Research Unit-6 (NAMRU-6)

* denotes team leader


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