Student Advisory Council

BCSAC 2017-18

The Bass Connections Student Advisory Council (BCSAC) is an advisory group that is open to representatives from all student levels, programs and Bass Connections themes.

Prior participation in Bass Connections is not a requirement of membership, and first-years and new graduate students are encouraged to apply. (The council application process takes place in September of every academic year.) Prospective members should demonstrate interest in interdisciplinary inquiry, team-based learning and developing collaborative solutions to real world problems with teams from diverse backgrounds. 

The BCSAC serves as a sounding board for student ideas, questions and suggestions relating to Bass Connections and interdisciplinary education at Duke. Through this leadership opportunity, council members build relationships with students, faculty members and administrators to gain an inside perspective on this exciting program and make a lasting impact on its development and direction. Past councils have been integral to the program’s evolution and success and have worked on a range of issues such as educational programming, student and disciplinary diversity, strategic marketing and recruitment and special event planning and management.

The council meets for lunch once a month throughout the entire academic year. In addition to attending lunches, council members also serve as Bass Connections ambassadors by participating in select special events, such as student orientations, the Bass Connections Open House, Blue Devil Days and the end-of-the-year Bass Connections Showcase.

See a list of current council members and a related article introducing them. For questions, please contact BCSAC co-chairs or