Partnering with Latinx Community Members to Build Resilience Among Immigrant Families

November 29, 2023

Team members at team dinner.
Members of the Coping Together team sharing a meal in Durham in Spring 2023 (Photo courtesy of the Coping Together team)

What are the mental health symptoms and stressors affecting Latinx immigrant families in the U.S., and how can a community-based intervention help these families build resilience? 

Since family stress has been noted as a key driver of mental health decline in Latinx immigrant families, it represents a promising area to target. Building on previous work, the Coping Together team conducted four focus groups of Latinx community members to identify factors that contribute to conflict as well as positive interactions within families.

Photos of student at the Bass Connections Showcase.
Team members at the Fortin Foundation Bass Connections Showcase in April 2023 (Photo: Les Todd)

A growing body of research shows that effective mental health interventions in marginalized communities have to take social context into account. Team members identified cultural adaptations to an existing evidence-based, low-cost intervention that could benefit Latinx families. They collected feedback on their proposed adaptations through prototyping sessions with community partners.

“I’m hopeful our work will serve as an efficient and culturally competent intervention that will help Latinx families in the U.S. strengthen their bonds and gain the resilience and skills they need to reach their goals. Through this project, I was able to learn from top researchers in the mental health field, build partnerships with Latinx families that face struggles that are similar to what I have experienced as a foreign student, and design solutions to help this group thrive.” –Gonzalo Alfredo Meneses Gonzales, Graduate team member

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