Story+ (2020)

Story+ is a six-week summer research experience for undergraduate and graduate students interested in bringing academic research to life through dynamic storytelling. Undergraduates work in small teams with graduate student mentors, in a collaborative and creative research environment. Each project has a sponsor. Students learn to conduct qualitative, humanities-based research (e.g., archival research, narrative analysis, visual analysis, ethnography) and to communicate their research through effective storytelling techniques. Final projects may take the form of writing, websites, exhibits, short films or other genres, depending on the project’s goals.

2020 Projects

Body Work: Reanimating Policy Responses to Coal Mining Disasters

Caring for and with Patient Archives

Critical Decisions: Perceptions of AI in Healthcare Management

Digital Ethnography and Global (quarantined) DJs

Duke and Durham's Response to the 1918 Influenza and the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemics in Comparative Perspective

Experiential Archive

HBCU Counterstories: Going Public with the Experiences of Adult Students

Joining the Electric Circus: Rural Electrification and Gender in the Papers of Louisan Mamer

Manipulated Materials: Documentary Sculpture

Unearthing Root Causes of Migration through Our Stories

Team Leaders

  • T. Robert Fetter, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
  • Jonathon Free, Energy Initiative
  • Lawrence Greenblatt, School of Medicine-Family Medicine and Community Health
  • Ricardo Henao, Pratt School of Engineering-Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Matthew Kenney, Arts & Sciences-Art, Art History, and Visual Studies
  • Tara Kinard, Duke Population Health Management Office
  • Aaron Kutnick, DocX Lab Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University
  • Louise Meintjes, Arts & Sciences-Music
  • Andrew Olson, School of Medicine-Duke Clinical Research Institute
  • Victoria Plutshack, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
  • Ursula Rogers, Duke Forge
  • Shelley Rusincovitch, School of Medicine-Duke Forge
  • Whitney Welsh, Social Science Research Institute

/graduate Team Members

  • Quran Karriem, Cmp Media, Arts & Cultures-PhD
  • Brittany Green, Music-PHD
  • Sophia Goodfriend, Cultural Anthropology-PHD
  • Tayzhaun Glover, History-AM, History-PHD
  • Ashton Merck, History-PHD
  • Brooks Frederickson, Music-PHD, Music-AM
  • Caoimhe Harlock, English-PHD
  • Mingyong Cheng, MFA/Experimental and Doc Arts
  • Hannah Smith, Master of Environmental Management
  • Juliet Irving, Master of Fine Arts - Dance
  • Dubie Toa-Kwapong, Cultural Anthropology-AM, Cultural Anthropology-PHD
  • Cade Bourne, Music-PHD, Music-AM
  • Anita Bateman, Art and Art History-PHD
  • Chuyu Xiong, MFA/Experimental and Doc Arts

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Wen Khoo, Program II (AB)
  • Zehan Liu, Chemistry (BS)
  • Megan Liu, Evolutionary Anthropology (BS)
  • Jolie Mason, Biomedical Engineering (BSE)
  • Emily Mawyer, Psychology (BS)
  • Ayesham Khan, Interdepartmental Major
  • Brennen Neeley, English (AB)
  • Rifah Nanjiba, Neuroscience (AB)
  • Mina Jang, English (AB)
  • Sana Pashankar, Computer Science (AB)
  • Abigail Phillips, Political Science (AB)
  • Ridge Ren, Economics (BS)
  • Grace Sipp, Public Policy Studies (AB)
  • Dennis Tang, Computer Science (BS)
  • Rezilience Williamson, Cultural Anthropology (AB)
  • Danah Younis, Public Policy Studies (AB)
  • Madeline Fowler, Program II (BS)
  • Nima Babajani-Feremi, GCS in Literature Program (AB)
  • Francisco Banda, Psychology (AB)
  • Emma Cairns, IDM: ICS/GSF Global Gender Stu
  • Surya Cannon, Art History (AB)
  • Alice Carroll, Environmental Sciences (BS)
  • Courtney Dantzler, Interdepartmental Major
  • Tessa Delgo, GCS in Literature Program (AB)
  • Fella Derris, GCS in Literature Program (AB)
  • Sebin Jeon, Int Comparative Studies (AB)
  • Miranda Gershoni, GCS in Literature Program (AB)
  • Carmela Guaglianone, Int Comparative Studies (AB)
  • Savita Gupta, English (AB)
  • Jake Heller, Computer Science (BS)
  • Yanjie Hu, Visual and Media Studies (AB)
  • Denna Huang, Psychology (BS)
  • Rebekah Alvarenga, Visual Arts (AB)

/yfaculty/staff Team Members

  • Tift Merritt, Hungry River Collective, Rosetta Circle
  • Roxana Bendezú, Migrant Roots Media

/zcommunity Team Members

  • Collie Fulford, North Carolina Central University - Department of English
  • Stefanie Frigo, North Carolina Central University - Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Charity Philips, Undergraduate Student, NCCU
  • Adrienne Long, Undergraduate Student, NCCU
  • Justin Tornow
  • Catherine Winfree, Undergraduate Student, NCCU
  • Caitlin Kelly, Power Plant Gallery