Story+ (2017)

Story+ is a six-week summer research experience for undergraduate and graduate students interested in bringing academic research to life through dynamic storytelling. Undergraduates work in small teams with graduate student mentors, in a collaborative and creative research environment. Each project has a sponsor. Students learn to conduct qualitative, humanities-based research (e.g., archival research, narrative analysis, visual analysis, ethnography) and to communicate their research through effective storytelling techniques. Final projects may take the form of writing, websites, exhibits, short films or other genres, depending on the project’s goals.

2017 Projects

Team Leaders

  • Edward Balleisen, Sanford School of Public Policy|Arts & Sciences-History
  • Joshua Larkin Rowley, Duke Libraries
  • Joshua Sosin, Classical Studies
  • Jacqueline Wachholz, RL-Coll Dev

/graduate Team Members

  • Felicia Arriaga, Sociology-PHD
  • Adela Deanova, Philosophy-AM
  • Alexander Fowler, Classical Studies-AM
  • Clinton Kinkade, Classical Studies-PHD
  • Tori Lee, Classical Studies-PHD
  • Ashton Merck, History-PHD
  • Meghan O'Neil, English-PHD

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Avery Boltwood, Political Science (AB)
  • Elizabeth Butcher, English (AB)
  • Mikaela Chandra, Biology (BS)
  • Jessica Chen, Art History (AB), Public Policy Studies (AB2)
  • Claire Chen, Public Policy Studies (AB)
  • Cyan DeVeaux, Interdept CompSci/VMS (AB)
  • Elizabeth Eshleman, Political Science (AB), History (AB2)
  • Zilu Li, Computer Science (BS), History (AB2)
  • Tyler Lian, Mathematics (BS)
  • Helen Lo, Political Science (AB)
  • Hunter McGhee, Political Science (AB), History (AB2)
  • Mitchell Ochse, Economics (BS)
  • David Pfeiffer, Public Policy Studies (AB)
  • Isamary Telo, Interdept Psych/History (BS)
  • Claire Xiao, Statistical Science (BS), History (AB2)

/zcommunity Team Members

  • Allan Freyer, North Carolina Justice Center
  • Jacqueline Olich, RTI International