Crowdsourced Health: Online Patient Communities Enabling Health Innovation (2020-2021)

Social media-based digital health communities (DHCs) play a significant but poorly understood role in shaping the health experiences of numerous patients and caretakers. DHCs exist by the countless thousands on platforms like PatientsLikeMe, Facebook groups, Reddit and other forums. In some cases, these communities have helped fund research or performed the research themselves.

This project explored current online patient communities and profiled several communities to better understand the impacts of DHCs on patient outcomes. The team published their findings in The DHC Observer.


Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

Team Outputs

The DHC Observer

Digital Health Communities: A Hidden Resource for Shared Healing (poster by Henry Copeland, Aaron Dinin, Donald Gex, Julia Gianneschi, Lewis Eatherton, Aditya Kotla, Bryant Lewis, Emmie Maceda, Tanvi Rajeev, Yihan Shi, Audra Whithaus and Natalie Wong)


Aditya Kotla

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Meet the Members of the 2022-2023 Student Advisory Council

Meet the Members of the 2021-2022 Bass Connections Student Advisory Council

Our Mission

See related team, Digital Health Communities: A Hidden Resource for Shared Healing (2021-2022).


Team Leaders

  • Aaron Dinin, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Andrew Landstrom, School of Medicine-Pediatrics

/graduate Team Members

  • Donald Gex, Biomedical Sciences

/undergraduate Team Members

  • Alex Choi, Biomedical Engineering (BSE)
  • Lewis Eatherton V, Statistical Science (BS)
  • Julia Gianneschi, Psychology (BS)
  • Aditya Kotla, Neuroscience (BS)
  • Bryant Lewis, Evolutionary Anthropology (BS)
  • Emily Maceda, English (AB)
  • Wenyi Ouyang, Neuroscience (BS)
  • Swetha Rajagopal, Biology (BS)
  • Tanvi Rajeev, Environmental Engineering(BSE)
  • Arsha Sharma, Neuroscience (BS)
  • Yihan Shi, Statistical Science (BS)
  • Amelia Shunk, Int Comparative Studies (AB)
  • Audra Whithaus, Psychology (BS)
  • Natalie Wong, Public Policy Studies (AB)

/zcommunity Team Members

  • Henry Copeland, PressFlex