ARTHIST 580S: Interdisciplinary Digital Humanities

Fall 2024

Instructor: Paul Jaskot, Edward Triplett

This course explores multimodal interdisciplinary digital humanities in theory and practice. Coursework will include research, cultural heritage applications and public outreach. Students will apply theoretical and critical perspectives to humanities texts, data, images and other media; archives and exhibitions; visualization; museums; digital mapping and timelines; immersive and interactive media systems; apps and installations. They will engage in project-based critique, hands-on exercises, project management, and reflective writing ans will interact with Smith Media Labs projects and collaborators. The course will pay special attention to digital divides, access and equity issues, global media contexts, sustainability, evaluation best practices, and obsolescence/EOL considerations for digital projects.

  • HCVIS 580S
  • VMS 580S
  • ISS 580S
  • CMAC 580S
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