Bass Connections and Undergraduates

Undergraduates in Bass Connections

Bass Connections brings together faculty and students­­—from all levels and schools—to tackle complex societal challenges in interdisciplinary research teams.

For undergraduate students in particular, benefits of participating in a Bass Connections project team include:

  • Building research skills in a small group setting
  • Developing a deep understanding of an issue of interest to you
  • Engaging with communities and organizations outside of Duke
  • Exploring career paths and gaining valuable experience for your resume
  • Applying coursework to a complex societal challenge
  • Enhancing honors thesis research
  • Co-authoring publications

Bass Connections also offers semester-long courses and summer programs such as Data+ and Story+.

Undergraduate students seeking leadership roles are also encouraged to apply to join the Bass Connections Student Advisory Council.

To learn more, browse stories from undergraduate students on their Bass Connections experience.

Here’s what undergraduates are saying about Bass Connections

Bass Connections has provided me with an academic passion that extends outside of the walls of the classroom.

I have loved working with the team on this project, and am especially appreciative of gaining a mentor. It has been the most formative part of my Duke experience.

It’s an awesome opportunity to get involved with research, even if you have no background.

I developed connections with people of all different academic levels and from different fields. The skills I have learned will carry throughout my life and I will be a much stronger candidate for graduate school because of this experience.

My Bass Connections experience has been, by far, the best learning experience I have had in my life. The multidisciplinary team approach helped me learn in new ways. I have formed close friendships with everyone on my team. This experience has led me to find a topic of study I am truly passionate about.

My experience with Bass Connections changed my life, opening my eyes to a wider world of possibilities and giving me the skills and confidence to go after my new life goals.

It is an incredibly unique experience in which you are able to work alongside fellow students and faculty members as colleagues.