STA 313L: Advanced Data Visualization

Spring 2024

Instructor: Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel

This course is all about the art and science of visualizing data. Students will learn about the what (types of visualizations, tools to produce them), the how (start with a design, pre-process the data, map it to graphical attributes, make strategic decisions about visual encoding, post-process for readability and visual appeal), and the why (the theory behind the grammar of graphics).

Students will learn to evaluate the clarity, effectiveness and honesty of visualization choices and improve (your and others') visualizations through an iterative design process. Students will discuss the role of statistical graphics in modeling and inference. They will practice working in R, ensuring reproducibly and using a variety of modern data visualization packages.

Prerequisites: Statistical Science 198L or (198L-1 and 198L-2) or 199L or (199L-1 and 199L-2) or 210L.

  • ISS 313L
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